I Was Made the Disciple of a Yandere Girl, But Chapter 21 Part1

I’m not even sure that Arisa counts as a yandere……

I gently embraced Arisa, who jumped at me.

"Sorry, I was late."

"……I won't forgive you."

"My bad……"

"Stroke my head."


It seemed that stroking her head felt good to Arisa.

When I continued that for a while⸺


A cough came from behind me.

"Umm……I'll go somewhere else, master."

Ellie awkwardly separated from me.

That sentence brought me back to my senses.

"Wait, Ellie!"

I tried to follow Ellie, but,


Arisa grabbed the sleeve of my shirt.

"No, don't go anywhere, Ed……!"

Arisa *guriguri* pushed her head into my chest area.

Her arms tightly surrounded my waist.

(……I can't move!)


With tears and a runny nose, Arisa pushed her face into me.

"Arisa, later! Save this for later!

Ellie! Wait! Please wait! Don't go!"

I somehow managed to pull away from Arisa.

With a slightly lonely face, Ellie left us.

Arisa is motionless.

(What's with this situation as if she found out I was cheating on her……please let me off……)

After that, I somehow persuaded Arisa, brought back Ellie, we were able to go home.

"So, who's this girl?"

I was sitting on the sofa in the living room.

Arisa is next to me.

On the opposite sofa was a short animal eared girl with black hair.

Ever since I came home, Arisa hasn't separated from me.

When we both calmed down, we began to talk about what had happened over the past few days.

"Yeah, this girl is……"

(A lot of things happened. Where should I start talking from⸺)

"……It's fine master, I'll explain."

Saying that, Ellie interrupted me.


Arisa looked at me suspiciously.

"Making such a young girl call you that…Ed, you pervert……"

That gradually changed into a gaze of scorn.

(That's a misunderstanding, Arisa.)

I sent a gaze of protest to Arisa, but she just looked into my eyes.

"I'm Ellie. I'm from the Black Iron WolfDiwolf clan.

Right when the village of Irt was attacked by someone, master saved me."

Then, Ellie bowed to Arisa.

*Jurari*. The chain stuck on Ellie's neck shook.

Arisa saw that, possibly guessed her circ.u.mstances⸺and kindly looked at Ellie.

"Thank you, Ellie. From your appearance, it seems like you've gone through some hard times.

Don't worry, as long as you're here, we'll protect you from any bad people.

Even though we look like this, we're pretty strong."

Saying that, Arisa stood on top of the couch, and crossed her arms in front of her chest.

"The one who'll hide you is me, the fire sorcerer Arisa Feo Asteria⸺one of the strongest magicians!

I'll beat up all the ones who want to hurt you!"

Hearing that, Ellie stopped moving.

"Ma,gician……? Magician……?"

For a while, she s.p.a.ced out.

And then, was she able to understand the meaning of those words?

"So,sorcerer……! The real one!?

The sorcerer of 'fire', whose whereabouts are unknown……!

You're, kidding……!"

Ellie widened her eyes, and became speechless.

Is her body trembling from surprise, or is it from something else?

"⸺So, Ellie.'

Arisa got up from the sofa, and hugged Ellie in her chest.

Ellie kept an eye on each and every one of her movements.

"You don't have to feel anxious anymore. You don't have to be alone anymore.

We'll stay with you, and protect you.

We'll prepare delicious meals and a warm place to sleep for you too."

While being held in Arisa's chest, Ellie stayed motionless without struggling at all.

"……You did your best until now, Ellie."

To my words, Ellie widened her eyes.

When they stayed like for a while, possibly because all the tension that had remained in her came out, Ellie entrusted her body weight to Arisa.

Arisa gently stroked Ellie's head.



Firmly looking Ellie in the eyes, Arisa spoke.

"You'll protect me? From those people……"

"Yeah, I'll definitely protect you."

When I *ponpon* stroked her head, something inside Ellie broke⸺

"U……ue, ue."

Ellie let some sobs out.


Just like a young child, Ellie sobbed.

While pressing her face against Arisa's chest, Ellie cried.

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