I Was Made the Disciple of a Yandere Girl, But Chapter 19 Part2

After a while, Ellie woke up.


She didn’t know whether our surroundings are bright or dark.

Her consciousness wasn’t yet clear.


(⸺I wonder if I’ll die, like this.)


I have no regrets.

Everyone died.

Her family, the people from the village, and everyone else.


There’s no meaning in living in a world like that.

The meaning of living in a world while continuing to be opressed is⸺!


When Ellie gave up on living⸺she remembered.


⸺A promise. A promise with her younger sister, who might still be alive.


(Still not yet. I still can’t die.)


Ellie shook her body, and made a noise.

In order to have someone notice her existence.


(⸺Notice me! Anyone is fine! Someone! Someone!)


“⸺Is anyone there!?”


After a while, I heard the voice of someone searching for people.

Completely different from the attackers, their footsteps sounded like they were impatient.

The key was removed, and a light shined in the darkness.


Then, the man clung to her and began to cry.

As expected, I was puzzled by this.


(⸺Weird fellow.)


However, it seemed like he was pleased by her survival.

For a moment, I thought that this man was on my side.


(⸺There’s no way a human would get this desperate for a beastman. He might be a beastman too⸺!)


However, the one in front of her when her blindfold was removed was a⸺human.




I wanted to live. I thought I wanted to live.

But I’ll be made a slave again.

I definitely want to meet my younger sister again.

But how much time would it take to get to that point?


(⸺That’d be impossible. On the contrary, I’d prefer to die.)


The moment I thought that⸺I remembered my despair over this world.


(⸺Even if I’m killed by this man, I don’t care anymore.)


While thinking that, I beat the man.

I scratched him.

I kicked him.


A situation in which a beastman slave was attacking a human.


I thought I’d be killed.

Then, I thought I didn’t care anymore.

Either way, I have nothing but revenge left.

That probably won’t succeed either.

Even if I forget everything and live on, I won’t be very happy.


Ellie just cried, and continued to attack that man.

However, that man didn’t attack Ellie back.

He kept silent, and accepted her attacks.


(……Does this man understand my feelings?)


With a sad gaze, the man’s heart shook, and tears came out.

The tears he thought had dried out long came out limitlessly.

While the man cried, he hugged me in the rain.






A man who despite being human, did not look at the beastman me as if despising me.

A man who hugged me, a slave.


⸺I don’t know anything about this person.


I was interested in this manEdgar.


At the same time, what kinds of emotions will I have if I come to deeply learn about this person⸺I was afraid of them.


⸺No, that doesn’t matter.

I don’t need my family anymore.

That’s nothing but a weakness.

I’m a [beast] that lives only for its purpose.

At most, I’ll use this man.


While telling that to herself over and over again, Ellie followed after that manEdgar.


Were they feelings of guilt for using this man, or was some of Ellie’s hope left behind in this world filled with despair?


Ellie, who felt hazy in her chest, didn’t know what those feelings were.

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