I Was Made the Disciple of a Yandere Girl, But Chapter 2 Part2

"Ed, it's already morning, wake up."

I'm sleepy……just a little is fine, so let me sleep more.

"You can't do that, breakfast will get cold. Hurry and get up."

Okay, okay, okay, so just go over there……

"There!? Uuu……i,if you want to do that, then……"

*Gishiri*……the sound of my bed squeaking.

What is it……exactly……?



The warm breath on my ear.

Surprised by that, Arisa was right in front of me.

"Yo,you finally got up, Ed."

Seeing Arisa embarra.s.sed, I got out of bed with an indescribable feeling, and stroked her head.

Although I'm still only half awake, I'm eating breakfast.

Even though I said that, Arisa is a great cook.

I was taken care of by her yesterday, and from her delicate appearance, she was also a thorough cook.

When I told her that her cooking was good, she said 'As I thought, cooking is love!' and was pleased. I don't really understand that……

"By the way Ed, do you want to start magic training today?"

"Ah, please. Is it alright though? What about your research?"

Arisa prepared her after meal black tea.

"It's fine, I completed the first phase of my research, so I'm going to take a break from it for a while."

"I see……by the way, you're supposed to be a really amazing magician right? Is it fine for you to be researching in deep in the forest like this?"

While acting a little silly, I say that.

……I'm just teasing her.

"I really am an amazing wizard! ……Really."

To my att.i.tude, Arisa was a little dissatisfied.

"My research is mainly focused on majuu. I'm researching their traits and special features. Since I just finished the first phase, I thought to teach Ed some magic."

Arisa is going 'Fufun', and sticking her chest out.

While halfheartedly flattering her and saying she's amazing, I proceed the conversation.

"Since you finished a part of it, why don't you leave the forest? The majuu around here are dangerous, right?"

"……I'm not going to."

Hesitating for a second, Arisa answered.

……Her att.i.tude was sort of suspicious.

"Is there a reason for that or something?"


Arisa's facial expression turns dark.

"……Maybe because this is my house?"

It soon vanished, and Arisa thinly smiled at me.

"I'll talk about it again someday."

Arisa firmly looked me in the eyes and said that.

"Ah, I understand. I'll wait until then."

(……Everyone has one or two things they don't want to talk about.)

Like that, the two of us drank tea together.

After eating is a fresh start, now it's time for Arisa-sensei's lesson.

Arisa is wearing gla.s.ses, holding a pointer stick, and is wearing a lab coat. She had an appearance looking like 'THE SENSEI!', and was waiting for me in the living room.

……Arisa-sensei's height doesn't even reach the base of my neck though.

"Now, Ed! It's time for a fun, fun lesson! Private lessons with me, a magician is something that rarely ever happens okay!"

Arisa-sensei crosses her arms in front of the chest she can't brag about.

"Well, I'm thankful, really."

I press my hands together in front of Arisa with a noncommittal feeling.

"You're always teasing me like that! ……I guess it's fine, let's hurry up and start. First I'll check your magic power and your special characteristic. Can you put your hand over this crystal?"

While puffing her cheeks, Arisa pointed to a large crystal on the desk.

"What's that?"

"It's a magic tool that measures your quant.i.ty of magic power, and its properties."

"……Magic tool?"

"They're tools that can function as long as they have magic power. It doesn't matter that much, so for the time being, put your hand over the crystal."


When I put my hand over the crystal, the crystal went *pou*, and began to shine.

"It's fine like that. I'll know in just a minute, so leave your hand like that."

Going 'mumumu', Arisa looked at the crystal.


"……Nn? That's weird."

Arisa tilted her head.

She looked at the crystal for a while, then went 'Haa' and suddenly pulled out a thick book.

While mumbling 'What's this……?', she compared the crystal to the book.

Her expression lost the composure it had until just now.

Impatience, confusion, bewilderment.

Her face was colored by these, and became chaotic.

Looking at that, the dignity of Arisa-sensei inside me *gangan* gets shaved away.

At that sight, I feel a little uneasy.

Arisa-sensei, are you okay……?

"……What's wrong? Arisa?"

"Edgar, quiet down for a bit!"

Arisa *kuwa* looks over here and declares that, and began to mumble.

"……What does this mean? U,umm this attribute is……here it is! It's this one! But this is the first time I've seen it……"


"Is it because he's from a different world? Is this because of the place he was born, and his thinking, or is due to his point of view and mind?"


"Or is it because of the structure of his body? Is it because otherworlders are from completely a different place, that a new attribute was formed!?"


I was at a loss with Arisa who was thinking aloud and not answering.

"Sorry Ed, I was thinking for a bit."

"Don't worry about it, things like this happen……"

When I continued calling her for about 10 more minutes, Arisa finally recovered.

"So, what were my results?"

"……To be clear, one I've never seen before."

She pushes up her gla.s.ses with her right hand.

"Oh, is that true!?"

Honestly, my heart pounded with excitement at this development.

Is it that!? A development where a character becomes an extremely powerful magician in a blink of an eye!?

……However, in contrary to my expectations,

Arisa had a subtle expression.

(It's a lie right? ……Wait……were my results that bad?)

I suddenly become anxious to hear the results.

"Ed, your attribute is——'s.p.a.ce'.

It's mainly the ability to manipulate substances."

"s.p.a.ce……s.p.a.ce huh!? In addition to that, manipulating substances! Co, it's cool! That's definitely strong!"

……For the time being, I was delighted. I didn't understand anything though.

"It's something like telekinesis……if I put it that way is it easier to understand?

It's a rare attribute, and since there aren't really any books or doc.u.ments on it I don't know, but you can move things with your mind probably. That's right, for example, you could move a chest, and it'll be convenient for when you want to move or change your room……!"

Arisa *patan* closed the thick book, and said that while winking.

"……Can I defeat mamonos with it?"

Arisa averts her eyes from me.

"I don't know……a power that strikes things or moves things is really unusual……if you used it to throw knives, you could probably fight? Ah, but then wouldn't it be fine to just throw them normally……. Fo,for the time being, it's simple, so why don't you try using your magic? We still don't know how much you can move at too."

It's plain…

It's far away from flashy powers, like burning enemies to cinders with a pillar of fire, or chopping enemies with blades of wind.

……It seems to have many practical uses though.

"We know your attribute now, so let's do some magic training at once."

While harboring feelings of expectation and anxiety, I nodded.

Taken by Arisa, we head to the garden.

There happened to be a shadow over there, so I headed towards it.

It's because Arisa's skin is weak against the sun.

"Ed, right here."

Arisa took out a bracelet, equipped it, and handed another one to me.

"This is?"

"This is a bracelet that shares your senses.

It's a kind of sacred relic, and lets the two who wear the bracelets share their sensations. I'm going to teach you the feeling of using magic with this."

(So things like sacred relics exist.)

I put it around my arm,

This isn't an especially weird feeling.

"What should I do with this?"

"He,here you……"

Arisa slightly averts her eyes from me, looks in the direction of two 'o clock.

Her cheeks were dyed red. Her skin is white, so it's easy to tell.

"……What's wrong Arisa?"

At my words, Arisa goes *bikutu*.

"Eh? ……U,um……this is……"

"What is it? Is it something that hard to explain?"

When I said that, Arisa *furufuru* shook her head from side to side.

"This is the sensation people get when holding hands!

That's why, there are a bunch of sensations……"

While swinging her hands, Arisa spoke quickly.

A rare item with the ability function to share senses.

I can pretty much imagine what Arisa's thinking.

She's trying to teach me the sensation of using magic through this.

However, Arisa is squirming around, and isn't trying to start teaching at all.

If she doesn't the lesson won't start though……

"——I got it, we just need to hold hands right?"

I quickly grabbed Arisa's hand.


——Suddenly my heart rate raises. Then, my chest *kyuu* becomes painful.

As soon as I felt that, I was surprised.

And at the same time, I notice.

——No, this isn't me. The feeling of Arisa's heart is being transmitted to me……!

"……Arisa, can you try to calm down a bit?

I'm was also feeling a little weird, but……"

I was surprised, but Arisa wasn't even at that level.

Arisa's face is, even now, red enough that you'd think she was going to explode.

(This isn't even training anymore……come on, Arisa-sensei……)

"So,sorry! I,I was just really embarra.s.sed……I think my heartbeat got transmitted to you……I felt your heartbeat too."

While Arisa was vigorously talking, I released my hand.

"For now, let's remove the bracelet. If you can calm down to a certain extent while we're holding hands, we can put it on again."


With watery eyes, Arisa removed her bracelet.

For a while after that, Arisa and I were holding hands.

Arisa's hand was small and soft.

I don't know if she was embarra.s.sed or not, but she wasn't looking here, and had her head down.

After a while, I ask.

"Arisa? Have you calmed down already?"

*Kokuri* Arisa nods.

"Then let's put the bracelet on you."

Arisa and I put on our bracelets.

Her heart seems to be beating slower than before. Arisa herself also seems calmer than before.

"Okay, I'm going to use magic now, so remember that sensation!"

Her att.i.tude has made a complete change from before, and Arisa-sensei suddenly became energetic.

……Her face is saying 'How's that!'

"Imaging something together with magic power will cause a phenomena according to that image.

That is magic. For now, I'll do something simple."

Saying that, Arisa closed her deep red eyes.

"First, I'll spin the magic around my stomach.

Then, imagine what your attribute should be able to do, and when you imagine that, release the magic power spinning in your stomach from your hands. Easy right?"

Around my navel there was a feeling of something feverish gathering together while swirling, and I moved it to my fingertips. Then, from the hand I wasn't holding, a small flame appeared at Arisa's fingertips.

(That explanation was too vague, right……? I can still understand it because we're sharing sensations though……)

Somehow, the feeling of gathering magic power was transmitted.

If I do this over and over again, I might grasp it sooner or later……but still.

"That was a really light explanation. Was that how you've taught up until now?"

Somewhat amazed, I said that to Arisa——at that time,

We were concentrating on our magic, and before we knew it, our distance had shrunk——my breath hit Arisa's ears.


Arisa *biku* shrunk her body, and looked at me, surprised.

"——M,my bad, I was being thoughtless!"

"——I,I don't really mind! Rather, it was nice!"

Both Arisa and I started making excuses that didn't make any sense.

"……That's right, your heart would be beating really fast."

And again, Arisa's heart rate had violently jumped up.

Arisa's face was busy turning red and turning blue.

(——Like this, the training won't advance at all, will it……?)

I waited for a while until Arisa calmed down, and we resumed the training……

A few days later, thanks to Arisa's special training, I became able to use simple magic.

Now, the table in front of has the skull of a beast on it.

Arisa was grasping her hands into fists, and was watching over me from the side.

"Ed, go for it!"


——I imagined a substance floating.

Then, my kneaded magic was emitted towards the skull in front of me from my palms (apparently it's a majuu skull, as materials from majuu are easily affected by magic power.)

*Pikuri* My magic power hit the skull, and it moved, tottering as it steadily rose.

Then, I switch to the image of the skull falling.

The skull slowly fell, and gently returned to the table.


When I confirmed that the skull landed on the table, I involuntarily released a sigh from my entire body.

——This is a training to make sure that my magic power doesn't cut off and that my image doesn't vanish.

If my image gets cut off, or the release of my magic power stops, the crystal will drop vigorously. It's a type of basic training, like muscle training for sports.

Apparently my magic moves things.

For now, I became able to freely move things about the size of melons a certain distance away from my body.

This distance is the distance my magic power can reach. Right now, my limit is about 5 meters in radius.

"Ed, your magic is something that can have different uses depending on how you think.

Within a certain distance you can freely manipulate substances… as long as you have magic power you can use it for labor, and in battle you can use it fly knives into enemies' blind spots, so it's really useful in interpersonal battles."

While thinking Arisa put her hands on her cheek and began muttering.

Certainly, if I master this magic, it'll be convenient in terms of living, and it'll come in handy for battles too.

"If it's a majuu with an easily identifiable weak point, even you might be able to defeat it. Even in the unlikely event you don't beat it, I'll follow through for you…come to think of it, we're running low on majuu meat……"

Arisa is saying something terrifying……

Or rather, the meat we've always been eating was from majuus?

——Is that safe?

"Hey Ed,

After you practice magic for a bit more, let's go——hunt some majuus! I'll support you!

I'll make you lots of lunches with them!"

(——Will we be okay, going hunting with the feeling of going to a picnic!?)

*Hikuhiku* My cheeks are trembling.

"……I can still only use this magic, will I be able to fight like this?"

While *furafura* moving the skull into the air, I feel a bit of anxiety.

"About that, I'll work you really hard, so you'll be alright!"

With a full faced smile, Arisa *gutto* stuck her thumb finger up.

(——I want to go back to my former world……)

After two weeks of h.e.l.lish training, for the first time since I came to this world, I fought against a majuu.

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