I Was Made the Disciple of a Yandere Girl, But Chapter 17 Part1

"It'd be great if there's a lot of friendly people though……"

I murmured that, and headed to the gate.

In the meantime, I wrapped the [mutual language translator] around my arm.

This magic tool that comes in the form of a wrist.w.a.tch somehow conveys the nuance of the speaker's words, even if they're speaking a different language.

Just by wearing it, you get this function.

This is a world where convenient things like this exist.

Of course, I was taught the mainstream language of this world by Arisa, but I was still uneasy about communicating.

For that reason, I secretly took this sorcery tool from Arisa.

(Arisa had prepared this magic tool when she summoned me. In the end, her j.a.panese was perfect so she never had to use it though.)

I reached the gate.

There were lookouts on both of the posts on both sides of the gate.

They must be there for majuus, and to confirm the people that come to this village.

"Hey, is anyone there?"

With difficulty, I call out with this world's language.

I feel somewhat uneasy at the p.r.o.nunciation I'm not used to using.

……I'll trust my hopes of mutual understanding with this [translator].

However, there was no reply to my call.

(Maybe everyone in the village is busy? That might be why there's n.o.body near the gate.)

While I optimistically thought that, I waited for a while in front of the gate.

"No one's coming……"

As usual, no one came to the lookout.

The entire time, that place has been empty.

⸺As I thought, this is weird.

There is a lookout, but there aren't any guards.

(Since their close to the forest, there should be a higher danger of majuus here.

Despite that are they not cautious at all? Is this just by chance?)

……Even so, this time without a guard has gone on too long.

Then, I noticed even more.

⸺That was, that the village was dreadfully quiet.

It was as if n.o.body lived there.

(Did the people of this village move to a bigger city? Is this village already a ghost town?)

⸺No, that can't be. At least someone should have been here recently.

As for why, that's because there was something like the wheel of a brand new wagon at my feet.

I felt my impatience gradually growing larger.

*Buwa* The wind blew.

At that time, I distorted my face because of the smell carried by the wind.

There was a bad smell that attacked my nose.

⸺No doubt about it, it was the smell of blood.

Right then, I finally arrived at the idea that something abnormal had occurred in this village.

*Gangan* I beat the gate with all my strength.

"Hey! Is anybody there!? Please answer me!"

⸺The only reply was silence.

"f.u.c.k, someone please respond!"

(It can't be helped, I'll destroy the door!)

With the same feelings of frustration I felt when I was informed of my mother's death, I forcibly opened the door and entered the village.

Then, what greeted me was⸺.

"There's n.o.body here……"


From the gate I headed straight to the plaza, and found the trails of the wagon's wheels carved into the middle of the road.

While observing my surroundings, I timidly moved forward.

*Bakubaku* My heart was pounding violently.

When I reached the plaza⸺I still hadn't met anyone.

However, it was certain that something happened in this village.

The water fountain in the middle of the plaza was cracked apart and in pieces.

Also, from underneath it, a red liquid was spreading out.

"Th,this must be a lie right……?"

It had become a crushed and distorted object, and wrapped around the underneath of the fountain.

What I saw there was⸺.


A dead old person with white eyes and an exposed belly.

I trembled, and felt nauseated from my stomach.

⸺I vomited.

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