I Was Made the Disciple of a Yandere Girl, But Chapter 16 Part2

Since Arisa summoned me to this world, it's already been a year.

I was permitted to hunt majuus without Arisa.

This is because of something that happened when I, as usual, was dead tired on the sofa in the living room.

"Hey Arisa, do you have any plans for the future? Specific ones?"

On the other side of the table, Arisa was writing down a recipe for a new dish.

By the way, the t.i.tle of her notebook is [Ed and My Cookbook of Love].

Just by hearing that name, I felt too sweet, and felt like vomiting.

Arisa stopped writing, and curiously stared at me from behind her gla.s.ses.

"Do you think I have any?"

"Do you feel like you're alive right now?"

"I feel like I'm alive right now."

Arisa made a face that said 'How's that!?'.

"We,ll……it's different if you have something you want to do though……" (TLN: Yes, that comma was there in the raws.)

Arisa put her hands on her red cheeks, and shook her head in refusal.

I sent a gaze of protest to her, but she dismissed it as a sweet gaze.

I want to be with Arisa as much as possible.

That's because for the two of us, our happiest states.

⸺But what if something happens, and we get separated, forcing us to temporarily survive by ourselves?

Honestly I can't imagine that, but just in case a situation like that occurs so I can survive alone, I decided to hunt alone occasionally.

My first time, Arisa worried about me, just like a [mother watching over her child go on their first errand].

"Ed, will you really be okay alone?

Are you missing anything?

What about your bento? Your spare weapons? Your tent just in case of an accident? Your spare barrier?

Also that, your, uh, [You always know where they are]?

If you pull the cord on the bottom of that, I'll know where you are, so use it if you ever think it's dangerous.

Also, that and this."

"Thanks Arisa, you saved me……"

By the way, I wasn't able to leave within that day.

And this time.

"I've made a lot of progress……"

Already, I've stepped into an area of the forest that I've never been to before.

This morning, I told Arisa that I'll be going far away and won't be back for a couple of days.

I want to go far away alone.

That was my only reason.

I haven't told this to Arisa, but I also have another objective.

That is⸺.

[To find human communities].

It's for if something comes up that Arisa and I alone can't handle.

For example, if a majuu that's stronger than both of us combined appears and we have no choice other than to run, or if one of us is sick with no signs of recovery and we need a doctor.

For times like those when we're really struggling, I want to be able to go to a city and ask for help.

Relying on a map and compa.s.s, I proceeded, hoping to escape the [Forest of Demonic Beasts].

It's the complete opposite direction of the way we went to hunt the dragon previously.

Arisa's laboratory was probably close to the exit of the [Forest of Demonic Beasts], and I succeeded in leaving the forest in a few hours.

Nevertheless, this past year n.o.body even came close to the laboratory⸺when I thought about that, I could imagine just how threatening this forest was to people on the outside.


The outside of the forest was beautiful, and a wide meadow spread out in front of me.

"I was finally able to get out of the forest……well then, I have to look for a village."

While I felt relieved at being able to leave the forest filled with the danger of majuus, I began to walk in order to achieve my objective.

Then, after I walked through the meadow, I found a well maintained road

"This is great……!"

Just by seeing traces of other people, I once again realized that people other than Arisa exist.

'Ho', I feel relieved.

From there on, I proceeded on the road.

About how much time has pa.s.sed?⸺The sun went down, and my vicinity gradually got darker.

(⸺Is it already this time?)

Fortunately however, the village was in sight.

"Is that one of this world's villages……?"

It's a village like one in the countryside of medieval Europe.

The circ.u.mference of the village was surrounded by a large fence so you couldn't see in, but from the cabins, and water wheels around the village, I could sort of infer their level of civilization.

(Let's talk to someone in the village and see what kind of people they are. In an emergency, what kind of help can I expect? Also, how much war potential do they have? They might be unexpectedly good people, so they might let me stay in a barn or something for today.)

While holding such fleeting hopes, I headed for the village's gate.

⸺Without noticing that regardless of it being night, not even a single light was on.

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