I Was Made the Disciple of a Yandere Girl, But Chapter 16 Part1

Since I summoned by Arisa, it's been a year⸺.


"Chi, even though you don't taste good……"

⸺Right now, I was chasing after mamonos.

They're 5 lizardmen.

I approached from behind them.

(⸺Is there any place that's easy to fight in?)

While continuing to run, I searched for an easy place to fight in as much as I could.


Along with the mamonos' strange roars, the footsteps behind them get even closer.


At that time, I discovered that the place I was advancing to was rocky area filled with weapons.

(In that place⸺I can do it.)

With 'earth magic', I can make everything over there into my weapons.


When I reached there, I turned around, and gazed at my enemies.

Enemies⸺of the five lizardmen, two of them took out stone knives, and and three of them equip spears.


When they saw I stopped moving, two of them rose their sharp knives overhead, and leapt at me.


In order to dodge that, I took a backstep.

Simultaneously, I activate earth magic and the ground quickly shot out rock spears, aiming for their bellies.



The lizards couldn't block the spears made of earth that suddenly appeared.

Like that blood gushes out of their stomachs, and they lost spirit.

(⸺I've defeated the ones with knives. Now there's only three left.)


The moment I activate my earth magic, naturally the other lizardmen moved too.

*Girori* The lizardmens' crescent shaped red glowing eyes were fixated on me.


The closest lizardman to me holding a spear kicked the ones I defeated earlier, leapt at me, and without losing any momentum thrusted its spear at me.

My magic slightly nudged the spear's attack.

My vision slowed down.

One spear approached me.

⸺I'll die, die, die.

I have to avoid it.

⸺Can I move my body? Impossible, I can't react, I won't make it.

In that case, magic.


With my intuition, I judged that making a complicated image is impossible.

The approaching spear, spear, spear⸺send it flying.

I just imagined that.



My s.p.a.ce magic was successful.

Without piercing through my forehead, the spear flew past my ear.

⸺I bent it!


The posture of the lizardman crumbled.

Without missing that gap, I thrusted at that lizardman's eyes.


*Bikubiku* The lizardman trembled in my hands, and stopped struggling.

The remaining two lizardmen hesitated to attack me.

That's because I'm hiding myself behind their comrade.

(⸺This much time is plenty.)

I chose to use fire attribute magic.

I created heat, and using the finger that was inside the lizardman's eye, I burned it from the inside out.


The lizardman had a spasm in my arms.

With that, I judged that it died.

Then, at the moment they felt their comrade died, the living lizardmen thrusted at me to skewer me, dead comrade and all.

(⸺I've won.)

I took two knives out of my sleeves, and threw them with s.p.a.ce magic⸺.


⸺Faster than their spears reached me, I had pierced through the lizardmens' heads.

"Fuu……that was unexpectedly dangerous."

While I looked at the mamonos' corpses in my surroundings, I sighed, and wiped my sweat with my arm.

As usual, the mamonos suddenly attacked me.

I have to always stay on guard when I'm in the forest.

I once again braced myself, and headed even further.

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