I Was Made the Disciple of a Yandere Girl, But Chapter 15 Part2

⸺In the bedroom.

"Arisa? This bed is a little small for two, but……"

"Ah, sorry Ed. I'll get closer to you."

*Zuizui* Arisa came closer to me. *Muha* She sighed happily.

⸺In the bathroom.

"Arisa? Do you know where you are?"

"This is the bathroom though? I'll wash your back!"

As if to prevent me from escaping, Arisa *sorosoro* approached me. My eyes feel light.

⸺In the toilet.

"Arisa? Why are you in the toilet?"

"I thought I had to help you if something happened."

Arisa looks over here from the window, and says that lightly.

"No, I don't understand what you mean……"

I shiver.

As expected, these caused my head to hurt.

Previously, there wasn't this much contact.


The current situation is like that too.

When I'm lying down, to get on top of me……

If it were Arisa from before my confinement, she'd be embarra.s.sed, and wouldn't be able to make this much contact with me.

However, Arisa's seemed to be off ever since the confinement incident.

Even right now, while pressing her cheek against my back, she's⸺.


Calmly murmuring things like that.

She's completely in a trip state.

(Where has the cool(LOL) Arisa-sensei(LOL) from before gone?)

At the same time, I thought:

(……Well, I guess it's okay. If Arisa wants to do this, then it's alright, already.)

I had already given up……no, gotten used to it.

To Arisa, who had already crossed an important line, of sweetness.

Honestly, since the level has fallen quite a bit since my life in confinement, this was⸺accepted relatively quickly.

(Somehow, this is good. That’s right, it's good.)

I've been taken care of by Arisa, so I this wasn't too bad……I began to think that.

(Like this, the two of them lived happily while fooling around……)

"⸺No, this is bad!"

I vigorously got up.


*Beshi!* Hitting her face on my back, Arisa slowly fell down.

"Wa, my nose……"

With teary eyes, Arisa held her nose with both hands.

Facing such an Arisa, I say.

"Arisa, I don't think we can keep going like this."

Arisa tilted her head curiously.

"Do you not understand our current situation?"

"……?……? Eh? What? Ed? What are you saying?"

Arisa looked at her surroundings, and it seemed like a [? Mark] was floating over her head.

(She doesn't understand……well, Arisa doesn't seem to be dissatisfied at all with our current situation……)

I bitterly smile at myself for agreeing with her somewhere in my heart.

⸺But, I need to say this.

"Hey, Arisa. We're going to live together from now on, right?"

Hearing those words, Arisa's face brightens up, and she 'Yeah yeah!' nodded.

"That's because we just get along that well."

'Is there no better way to say this?' I revolve my thoughts through my head.

(……I have to escape this situation somehow. What's more, I have to phrase it in a way that won't make Arisa uneasy.

⸺At this rate, I'll genuinely become a hopeless person.)

Probably getting bored of seeing me like that, Arisa *pechipechi* started to strike my cheeks.

Just by touching my cheeks, please don't show such an excited expression.

"It's true that I think a life like now would be nice. I mean, my distance with you has shrunk a lot from before, and it'd be nice if that continues on. But.

Take a look at our lives now. No matter where or when, we're always together."

"……? That's true. Ed and I are always together, no matter of time or place."

Even in front of the silent me, Arisa's att.i.tude doesn't change. Rather, it seems like she's saying, 'Of course?', and is proud of herself.

"……However, Arisa, this is really bad."


Arisa, who had been loosening her cheeks up until then, suddenly made an uneasy expression.

It seems that she finally seriously began to listen to me.

"If we stay together like this, eventually, the value of our time together will fade away!"

"⸺Eeeh!? That's a problem!"

Arisa was shocked.

"For example, with favorite foods. For me, it'd be all meat dishes, especially hamburgers."

"That's true, you like them. I still don't know how to make hamburgers……I'll be able to reproduce them in a bit, so wait until then!"

*Niko* Arisa smiled.

(Is that true? I can eat hamburgers!?)

"……Nn, putting that aside, if you eat your favorite food all the time, you get tired of it, and you won't think it's tasty anymore. The same thing can be said for our current situation."

"⸺It won't. That definitely won't happen."

Arisa replied in a moment.

She didn't even have a fragment of hesitation.

"Even if I regret the time we spend together, I definitely won't abandon you.

Besides, there's no discrepancy in the value of my time with you.

Being together, is to me, what makes me the happiest, and it's the most important thing for me.

No matter what happens, no matter what you look like, this won't change."

Arisa hugged me from the front.

"Ed, you're afraid.

'Can I stay with you?'

'Am I okay for you?'

……You're thinking stupid things like that somewhere in your heart."

⸺That's right.

I've always put a lid over that anxiety. I ran from it.

I'm weak. I'm not strong like Arisa.

Arisa moved her mouth to my ear, and gently whispered.

"Throw away those thoughts.

Because, I told you in the beginning.

Right when we met.

I need you, you're important to me.

Also, on the night when we looked at the moon together.

I love you.

You're good.

I want to be with you.

I don't want to be with anyone but you."

Saying that, Arisa looked me in the eyes, and lightly, smiled.

"Ed, you still have a long way to go.

You've certainly become strong. You've grown.

However, there's still plenty of things you don't know, and you can still get stronger."

……That's exactly it. I still don't have enough knowledge, or power⸺that's why, I,

Arisa had a lovely expression, just like the one she had when we first met.

"……It's okay, before I said you weren't good enough, but,

I'll make you my disciple.

Learn about this world, about magic, about me, and about yourself.

Then, get strong. Strong enough to face your own heart."

Arisa stands in front of me.

Tightly closing her lips, she was shining, and beautiful.


Today, right here, I give you the name of Ed Feo Asteria.

Give it your best from now on, my beloved disciple."

Saying that, Arisa stuck out her right hand.

Arisa was smiling at me.

For a moment, I look at Arisa and her extended hand⸺then, I grabbed it.

⸺This might be our real start.

"⸺Take care of me, mentor."

……After a while.

We blew off the exaggerated atmosphere, and laughed together.

Like this, I became the disciple of a yandere girl.

[I was made the disciple of a yandere girl, but.]

Chapter One: Summoning to a Different World and a Yandere Magician

The end.

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