I Was Made the Disciple of a Yandere Girl, But Chapter 15 Part1

Several days have pa.s.sed since the case of me being confined.

Although confinement was a dangerous incident that would destroy many mutual trust relationships, we relatively easily returned to our previous lives of living peacefully.

"⸺Ed! Good morning! Wake up!"

A quiet morning.

As if to destroy my comfort, Arisa's energetic voice trembled through my eardrum.



Arisa said 'yoisho', and began ride me, who was sleeping comfortably, horseback.

A sound like that of a frog getting crushed came out from the depths of my lungs.


A dangerous signal runs through my brain.

In order to escape from Arisa, I twist my body, but Arisa had already gotten used to this, and skillfully managed me.

"Just a little more is fine right……? Everyday's like a break anyways……"

"No? Breakfast will get cold."

(Please don't be so loud near my ear……)

*Furufuru* Arisa shook her head sideways and voiced her complaints.


To me, who still didn't show any signs of waking up, Arisa vacant-mindedly said this.

"If you don't wake up……I,I'll do something lewd?"

"No, I'll get up."

I woke up feeling refreshed.


Arisa didn't touch her food, and with her hands on her cheeks, and while *niyoniyo* smiling, she looked at me.

Succ.u.mbing to Arisa's moist glance, I *mok.u.moku* carried the food to my mouth.

(Ah, this salmon is delicious. Rather, this world has salmon too……)

"How is it? Delicious? How is it?"

*Gui* Arisa sticks out her body a bit.

"It's good, delicious, delicious."

"Ufufu. It's fine to have more helpings!"

*Guwan!* Then, she placed another pot of rice onto the table.

"I can't eat that much for breakfast……?"

I made a bitter smile.

Then at noon.

Magic training.

"Ed! Now you're going to train earth magic and fire magic. This time go little by little."

"Yeah, I guess I'll start with fire."

I concentrate my consciousness on the magic stone in my right hand, and succeed in forming a flame the size of a fist in front of me.

A few days later. I had been doing nothing but training.

"Fuu, as expected, I'm getting used to this. Two, three……"

I increase their numbers one by one.

When I got to five, I made them turn around in a circle.

The fireb.a.l.l.s are unsteadily dancing around in the air.

Seeing that and feeling admiration, Arisa let out a sigh.

"You really got better……"

Looking at Arisa, I erase the flames.

"I was only able to get this far because of you. Thanks."

When I said that, Arisa 'Fufufu' laughed proudly.

After training.

I was lying on the sofa in the living room.

(I'm tired……in many ways……)

"Ed? What are you doing?"

When Arisa found me lazing around, she hesitated a little, and rode horseback on my back.

Like that, Arisa clung onto my back, and lied down horizontally.

While lying face down on the sofa with empty eyes, I was 'Ah~', groaning with no particular meaning behind it. When I'm tired, I sometimes feel like doing things that don't matter like this.

Arisa buried her face in my back, and *gyu* hugged me.

For a while, we stayed like that.

Ever since my life in confinement, any restraint between us faded away.


*Petan* The soft cheek hit my back, and as if to copy me, Arisa started groaning.


As if to respond to that, I groaned back.

Several days after I was confined.

I feel like Arisa's opened her heart more than before.

More than before, Arisa began to be with me and I fawned on her more often.

……I think this is a good trend.

My presence is becoming support for Arisa's heart⸺that's what it means.

However, there's a problem with that.

It also means that day by day, I'll have to spoil her more.

Our everyday life.

It goes from getting out of bed, to eating, to training, then to hunting.

We've been together up until now, and I want to stay together from here on.

But……now that's not all.

Arisa follows me everywhere⸺to sleep, to the bath, and even to the toilet.

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