I Was Made the Disciple of a Yandere Girl, But Chapter 14 Part1

⸺For this particular crime, there was no need for a plan.

When I was sleeping in the living room at night, I was bound up with a magic tool that obstructs the activation of magic.

That's all.

Right now, I'm lying horizontal on the bed in Arisa's room.

Both arms and legs have shackles attached to them, and I'm wearing a blindfold.

(⸺What is this? What kind of situation is this?)

I'm sure that I slept on the living room sofa last night⸺


I heard the sound of the door opening.

(Is it Arisa?)

Someone approached me, and gently whispered into my ear.

"Good morning, E-d-gar― ♡."

Feeling fear at her seductive, sweeter than usual voice, my back *bikuri* trembles.

"⸺Fufu. You're awake Ed. You might be a little constrained, but endure it for a bit. Also, I'll take care of you, so you don't need to worry."


Arisa's fingers travel across my cheek.

Lovingly, as if to check I felt it, she next moved onto my mouth, and began to trace my lips.

While being confused at Arisa's appearance, I rotate my head.

(⸺I have to figure out what Arisa's thinking.)

"Arisa what is this? Can you explain that to me?"

I speak as gently as possible.

(Arisa's current state is strange. I have to go about this carefully……)

Even while I spoke, Arisa's fingers didn't leave my lips.

"Ed, you have to stay with me, or I'll die."

Gently, Arisa hugged my head.

"That's why I decided to stay by your side for the rest of your life

It's alright, you don't need to worry.

I'll support you. I'll protect you forever.

Ed, you're a bad boy, so I have properly take care of you."

Arisa's sweet whispering seems like it will melt up to my brain.

(⸺This is bad, she's not listening to me at all!)

"Arisa, I'll be a good boy, so release me. Let's eat breakfast together like we did up until now."

I somehow managed to get over my overheating brain, and tried to convince, but⸺.

"Ah……Ed, you're hungry. I got it, I'll let you eat, so please wait a bit."

Arisa happily said that, and *patapata* went off somewhere.

Hearing that, I try to escape using magic during that gap, but my magic isn't going so well.

(Is it because of these shackles?)

Probably, these are the same shackles from when I was first summoned.

These are shackles that tie me down, and prevent me from running away.

It's likely that just like when she summoned me, Arisa is in an unbelievable state.

When she first summoned me, she was uneasy to meet someone new……I guess.

Right now, she has distrust for me. The cause is likely my running wild during the experiment yesterday.

Yesterday, Arisa said it.

That she was afraid of losing me.

(I have to manage somehow⸺)

Because the only one who can get close to that girl is me⸺


Footsteps running through the hallway.

Arisa came back.

"Ed, I brought breakfast! Well then, can you wake up and lean against the wall?"

"I got it, Arisa, but this position is tight. At the very least, can you release the shackles on my legs?"

I bet on my single sliver of hope, and say that.


Her voice which was sweet up until then completely changed⸺with a low voice that'd make your back shiver, she declared:

Packed in her voice is her firm will, that she won't let me be free.

"Fufu……Ed? I can't do that, this is punishment. You can't think about that."

(My thoughts……are being read?)

*Zokuri* My back shivers.

"For thinking about those things, Ed, you need more punishment⸺"

Right when I heard that.


Arisa kissed my cheek.

"How is it? It's a kiss from me, who's alienated and called ugly around the world. If you're disgusted by this, then don't do anything bad anymore, okay?"

Arisa carefully wipes my cheek.

(⸺What's Arisa saying? Arisa is alienated? Why? Such a beautiful girl is ugly?"

"Why are you alienated? I don't think you're ugly. Plus, Arisa, you're a great sorcerer right?"

Hearing that, Arisa's palm *bururi* shook.

"It's because you're like that that I……"


"……It's fine, let's eat, my lovely Edgar."

⸺Arisa didn't say a single word until I finished eating.

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