I Was Made the Disciple of a Yandere Girl, But Chapter 13

For a while, Arisa didn't want to let go of me, so leaving the research facility like that, I returned to the living room with Arisa by my side.

Arisa and I lined up and sat on the sofa.


Arisa grabbed at my clothes, and didn't let go.

"Arisa? For the time being, calm down."


Arisa strengthened her grip.

And she didn't say anything.

She just buried her face in my clothes.

"Sorry about the research facility……that was my carelessness. I'll accept any punishment and cooperate with you."

"……I don't care about that. I keep my important doc.u.ments in another place, and we can just replace equipment and the room."

While looking me in the eyes, Arisa said:

"Edgar, I don't have any replacements for you."

"……I'm really sorry."

Arisa didn't respond. She just cried while burying her face in my chest.

Seeing Arisa like that, I didn't feel like saying anything, so I gently stroked her head with my right hand.

For a while, that silent time continued.

30 minutes, no, more than an hour pa.s.sed.

It seems that Arisa stopped crying.

……Here, for the time being, for the time being.

Let's start with a discussion about my magic.

"Arisa, no, Arisa-sensei. Why do you think I was able to use the fire attribute?"

I continue to gently stroke Arisa's head.

Arisa looked up to me stroking her, and reluctantly said what she thought.

"……It's because you're from a different world."

I was a little glad that Arisa spoke.

"Why is that it?"

"First of all, the people of this world have an organ that produces magic power, called a [magic viscus]. This is said to be a necessary organ for the use of magic, and if it's injured, there's a considerable negative effect on the use of magic."

Little by little, Arisa began to explain.

"Of course, for you who's not from this world, you shouldn't have one of these. However, you were able to use magic. I thought of the meaning behind this fact."

Certainly, the people from my world don't have such an organ. As she said that, Arisa began to slowly let go of my clothes⸺.

"……Since it seems like this will be a long talk, I'll bring some black tea and sweets."

Arisa said that and got up from the sofa.

"Should I help too?"

I said that and tried to get up, but Arisa pushed me back down, and interrupted me.

"Ed, you sit."

Arisa spoke coldly.

*Puripuri* Arisa inflated her cheeks.

She still seems to be in a slightly bad mood.

"Thank you, Arisa."

I said that, and Arisa hid her eyes which were redder than normal with her hands, and headed into the kitchen.

Arisa came back next to me, drank a cup of tea, and continued the discussion.

"……Kohon. As I said earlier, but I thought about the point where Ed is able to use magic despite being from another world."


I shoot an aizuchi. (TLN: sounds that make the other party know you're listening.)

She's totally in Arisa-sensei mode.

"The answer that I was led to was that the reason you could use magic despite not having a magic viscus is because the magic viscus doesn't produce all magic power. If you have one, you would have more magic power, but without it, there's no effect on the use of magic."

"……*pori*" (TLN: Munching, crunching sounds.)

While listening to Arisa speak, I'm eating cookies.

*Chirari* Arisa glanced to me.

"The problem then is, what is the magic viscus? It's an organ that produces magic power, but damaging it will have a negative effect on your use of magic. A magician wouldn't be unable to use magic without their magic viscus. Up to here, I wasn't sure exactly what the magic viscus was. However, a big hint is inside of you. What do you think it is?"

⸺A hint, huh?

A hint where I'm the key.

"Is it my attribute……?"

"Yes. You, who doesn't have a magic viscus, has the [s.p.a.ce]. It's an attribute that n.o.body in this world has ever had before. And earlier, with the help of a magic stone, you used magic of the earth attribute and the fire attribute……no, you were able to use them."

'Aahn'. Arisa opened her mouth.

I move a cookie to it. *Paku!* Arisa bit at it.

She's like a small animal and cute.

*Mogumogu* She ate the cookie in her mouth, and *kokuri* swallowed it, and resumed the discussion.

"By the way Ed, do you know how people who have injured their magic viscera use magic?

They use magic stones. In other words, magic stones can be used in place of magic viscera. During the experiment, you were basically made a pseudo person from this world."

Arisa ranted on the rest at once.


……I somewhat understand what she's trying to say, but my head is confused.

"To put it simply, the magic viscus is a magic transformation device, since I don't have one, I have the [s.p.a.ce] attribute?"

"That's it. As expected from my number one disciple, Ed."

Arisa reached her hand out and stroked my head.

It's embarra.s.sing to have a girl smaller than me stroke my head.

But when I was told I was Arisa's number one disciple, I didn't feel bad thinking that I had a new connection with this girl.

"Yeah yeah, thank you, Arisa-shisho."

*Pashiri* I knock Arisa's hand away, and guard.

Arisa withdrew her hand and smiled, saying 'Embarra.s.sed? Ed, are you embarra.s.sed?'.

"But Arisa, isn't this something amazing?"

When I looked at what Arisa said, I thought 'Isn't this a tremendously great discovery?'.

……It's so big that if it's released badly, it'll change all magic theories.

"Yeah, it means that if you have a magic stone, you can use any attribute! That's really amazing!"

Arisa-sensei seems to be in an extremely excited state.

"No, not that……wouldn't it be amazing if you announced this discovery? 'Arisa, the great sorcerer who made a historical finding!' You might go down in history like that."

Arisa, who heard that, as if she really didn't care about that said:

"I don't need any status or honor, much less having my name or figure left behind……

I just need you to stay with me."

Contrary to her words, to me Arisa looked lonely.

"That's why Ed, don't do anything like today again."

Arisa buries her face in my chest.

"Ed, you were about to die. That was the first time I've ever seen magic with that kind of power. It even surpa.s.sed my mentor."

*Bururi* Arisa's body trembled.

"……Ed, I'm begging you, treat your life more carefully. If you die, I'll⸺"

When she said that much, Arisa shut her mouth.


Something fell into my palm.

*Poroporo* Arisa was spilling tears.

⸺That was from the fear of losing me.

"……Sorry. I definitely won't die, Arisa, I promise that."

I don't know how many times I've apologized today.

⸺But Arisa, sorry. I want to become stronger. To protect everything important to me, including you, from the unreasonable.

In order to not regret anything anymore.

"……Ed……that's a promise."


Making that promise, I hugged Arisa's head.

"⸺That's absolute, Ed."

But Arisa's eyes seemed to see through my feelings.

A few days later, I was confined by Arisa.

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