I Was Made the Disciple of a Yandere Girl, But Chapter 12

The day after we collected the dragon.

When we were eating breakfast and sitting on the sofa as usual, Arisa who was wearing a white coat put her hands on her waist, and laughed boldly.

"Fufufu……from today I'm going to start studying the dragon's materials. It's been awhile since I've studied materials like these, so I'm really motivated! Naturally, Ed, you're going to help me out!"

I only turn my head to Arisa.

"……I don't have any knowledge though? Is there anything I can help with?"

"It's fine, rather, this research is for your sake too, so if you're not with me I'd be troubled. We're going at once!"

Saying that, Arisa grabbed my hand, and dragged I, who wasn't trying to move, all the way to the barn.

I, who was dragged to the barn, was overwhelmed by the size of the dragon's head, wings, and torso.

(……I'm surprised we were able to bring these things home.)

"Ed~! Over here!"

*Bunbun* Arisa is waving her hand.

Over there is where the dragon's chest parts are.

(At any rate, Arisa's really energetic today.)

It's probably that since it's her first time researching in a while, her blood is boiling.

"Ah, I'm coming over there now."

*Habururi* With my body trembling, I headed over to where Arisa was.


While cutting through the dragon's flesh, Arisa seemed to be looking for something.

Looking at that from her side, it was a strange sight.

A white-haired girl who's not even 20 yet is in the center of a ma.s.s of meat, getting covered in blood.

And on the face of the girl covered in blood is a crazy smile.

Also, her white lab coat was of course, stained with blood.

It had a peculiar charm to it.

Then, I wonder if she found something, but Arisa looked over here and said:

"⸺Ed! Here it is!"

In Arisa's right hand, she was holding onto a dark orange-colored gem like thing.

While giving Arisa, who was covered in blood a sidelong glance, I said:

"Were you looking for that?"

By the way, I had carefully cut off the dragon's fangs and claws.

In size, sharpness, and strength, they were perfect for use as weapons.

"That's right. Also, let's take some meat for dinner tonight."

"For what kind of dish?"


*Gokuri* In spite of myself, I swallow.

After all, it's a dragon. The king of majuus.

Just by saying [dragon steak], the imagination will spread everywhere.

That meat, is sure to be delicious.

Dragon, I'll thankfully eat your meat.

(……I'm looking forward to tonight.)

After I cut the meat into a block, Arisa froze the dragon's corpse again, and we headed back to the laboratory.

"In the end, what was that gem?"

Arisa and I were headed to a research facility in the bas.e.m.e.nt.

There seems to be a lot of magic tools needed for her research here.

Arisa turned to me and said (As soon as we got to the laboratory, Arisa cleaned herself, so she's not covered in blood anymore):

"It's a majuu's core. They're called magic stones. Each of them have their own attributes, and if you use one that matched with your attribute, you can strengthen your magic.

Arisa raised the magic stone.

The light from the lights are being reflected.

"There weren't any in the small fries we beat up until now though?"

"It's rare for them to form in anything other than large-scale and above."

'That's why they're precious', said Arisa.

Since large-scale majuus are rarely reported on (although it's possible that those who encounter them just die), the number of magic stones is small, and their value is high.

While having such an exchange, we arrived at the research facility.

Surprisingly, the research facility was just as big as the training ground.

Apparently it's because this size is perfect for when Arisa wants to do magical experiments here.

Two desks were lined up near the entrance, and there were many magic tools jumbled up in the back of the room.

"This is my desk, so Ed, you use that desk from now on."


I collect all the doc.u.ments that were cluttered on the desk on the corner of the desk.

……This must be the one that Arisa's mentor used previously.

While looking at the unreadable text scribbled on the papers, I think that.

The characters on that paper which I can' read are this world's characters.

……Come to think of it, why can Arisa speak j.a.panese?

Is there a magic tool she's using for translation or something?

"Ed, we're starting the experiment at once!"

When Arisa said that, she took me to a large s.p.a.ce in the middle of the research facility.

"There's a barrier formed around this circle.

It's strong enough to defend against even a fire attribute dragon's breath."

In the center of the room, there's a circle drawn on the ground, with a radius of about 20 meters.

"Here we go."

I enter the circle, the barrier activated, and I was surrounded by a semi transparent film in the shape of a dome.

(At any rate, this can endure the dragon's breath……

What kind of violent experiments do you usually do here……Arisa?)

While looking at the sparkling, shiny barrier, I thought that.

Arisa came into the barrier, and had me hold a magic stone in my right hand and a crystal in my left.

The crystal in my left hand shows the attribute being released, and seems to be a smaller version of what was used to examine my attribute before.

"Now, try filling that magic stone with your magic power!"


While being mentally overpowered by Arisa who looked like she was about to eat me, I nodded.

⸺Concentrate my consciousness on the magic stone.

It's not particularly difficult.

I'm just releasing my magic power.

I don't need to form an image of any magic.

"Nice job Edgar, just like that."

When I noticed, the magic stone was emitting a dark orange light.

The crystal in my left hand showed the same color.

"Next then, try hardening this sand."

"Is magic next?"

As Arisa told me, I try to form an image of sand hardening.

On top of the fact that I don't normally make this image, this is difficult because what I'm manipulating is sand, so it's fine.

While somehow moving the sand, I formed an image of the sand hardening, and released it.

The magic stone in my right hand shone conspicuously intensely.

The sand moves bit by bit, and gathers in one place.

I kept the image until the sand had completely hardened.

Since when, Arisa was staring at that as if she was going to eat it.

"That's a lie……you did it."

Arisa muttered.

In front of me was a single lump of sand.


I wipe the sweat off my forehead and gently release my breath.

(I'm tired because the sand was really fine, but I somehow managed to do it.)

I don't know if it was because I concentrated so much that I forgot to breath, but my breathing rose.

"Right right, this time hold this in your right hand, and keep the crystal in your left hand."


This time Arisa brought over a purple magic stone.

Arisa is excited.

"Can you fill this one with magic power this time?"


Just like before, the magic stone shone purple.

The crystal in my left hand shone purple this time.

"……As I thought, that's it. Ed, this time try to give out a flame."

"What are you talking about Arisa? That's magic from the fire attribute right? I can't use it."

'Fufu' I laugh.

Arisa seems to be tired.

……But then I notice.

"Hey Arisa, how did I harden that sand?"

That's strange. My attribute is [s.p.a.ce].

I shouldn't be able to use any magic other than that.

However, no matter how I think about it, hardening that sand was a step into earth attribute territory.

In other words, the magic I used just before was from the earth attribute.

"……Ed, try using a magic of the fire attribute.

If you do that, you should be able to understand.

Arisa nodded to me with confidence.

"……I'll try it."

The image of fire……

The fire attribute rules over heat, and manipulates temperature.

Heat is [motion].

The temperature is decided based on the movement speed of the molecules.

If it's the motion of objects, then I can manipulate it as much as I want.

⸺In that case, I should be able to manipulate temperature too.

⸺Imagine it.

The [motion] of matter in a s.p.a.ce, it's [temperature].

The image gradually solidifies.

My concentration increases.

I close my eyes.

I imagine the movement of molecules.

In the air, the oxygen, the nitrogen, the molecules are moving.

Increase their speed.

[Manipulate] the heat that comes from that.

Arisa's specialty is making ice from fire attribute magic.

However, the image I form from the fire attribute is a flame. It's far easier than creating ice.

I just earnestly move the molecules, and form an image of it collecting at one point.

I also manipulate the heat that's born from it.

⸺I move the molecules, move them faster, faster, faster, faster⸺!!!

⸺I control the heat that's born from that. I manipulate it. I focus it all on one point⸺!!!

"……d, Ed, stop it already, Ed!"

I return to reality through Arisa's screams.

In front of my eyes is a huge fireball.

It contained a heat that couldn't be contained through Arisa's ice.

Almost simultaneously, Arisa took the magic stone from my right hand, and the magic stopped.


When my magic ceased, Arisa's ice wrapped us up at once.

⸺It's hot.

Suddenly, sweat gushes out from my body.

⸺When did my magic activate?

Arisa cries as she clings on to me.

"I'm sorry, Ed, I'm sorry……"

I notice.

Everything in our surroundings, the barrier, and the walls had all almost completely melted.

Arisa must have been desperately trying to protect us⸺everything other than where we were hadn't stayed in its original form.


As I saw the ceiling slowly melting down in front of us, I felt that I was feeling confused.

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