I Was Made the Disciple of a Yandere Girl, But Chapter 11

The next morning.

While eating breakfast with Arisa, I was hearing about the dragon.

Near the laboratory and some majuu meat, I was gulping down a vegetable sandwich.

"Arisa, in the end, what happened to the dragon? Did we defeat it?"

Arisa had already finished her breakfast, and was *jii* watching me with her cheek on the table.

"Of course. After that, I froze it’s remains and just carried you home."

"In other words……"

*Nikori*, Arisa smiles.

"Starting from today on, we'll be collecting the dragon's remains piece by piece. Speaking of the dragon, everything from the top of its head to the tip of its tail is a treasure. For a while, we'll be going on a picnic everyday.''

Today's bento has already been made. It's put inside a bento box larger than my head, and is on top of the desk.

"……I see, let's give it our best."

I make a bitter smile.

……It doesn't seem like a day where I can relax like yesterday will come for a while.

In the end, from today on begins the collection of the dragon's carca.s.s……although it'd be good to be enthusiastic, by using my s.p.a.ce magic, it's possible to move large amounts in a single trip even while taking a break.

Since that's that, we were able to move all of the dragon's body to the barn in a single day.

On that day, it was decided that we'd move each part of the dragon onto one of Arisa's ice sleds.


Involuntarily, I release a sigh.

I heal my fatigue from work in the bath.

In the dressing room, Arisa repeatedly:

"……E,Ed? How's the water temperature? You must be tired, I'll wash your back."

says things like that, but I politely refuse her.

If Arisa comes in here, it won't end with only that⸺I get a feeling like that.

Right now I want to relax, and rest.

"……I'm coming in now."

It felt good, so I took a long, leisure bath.

I'm sort of dizzy.

With my blood rushing up to my head, I get out from the bath, change into my sleepwear, and used a magic tool to help heal my injuries.

By the way, my sleepwear had already been prepared prior to my summoning.

……I haven't heard the reason why.

My back is squirming,

……It feels like there's something creeping on my back.

"……This tickles."

When I return to the living room, Arisa, who just came out of the bath, saw me, and *kusu* laughed.

"Your back is itchy? Too bad. The rats are desperately trying to heal your injuries."


That's right.

In order to treat my injuries from the fight with the dragon, I'm using a magic tool called 'Healing Rats'.

It's a rat-type magic tool that automatically moves near your injuries and heals them.

According to Arisa, this is an excellent magic tool that anyone can use because it works by absorbing the user's magic power. These rats often take care of me after the daily training, but I can never get used to this squirmy feeling.

To distract my consciousness from my back, I ask Arisa some questions.

"Was the one who made this a sorcerer other than you? In the first place, what's a sorcerer? Is it different from a magician?"

Arisa thinks about that for a bit.

"What is a sorcerer……huh?

I've never met any other sorcerers, so I can't really talk about them, but it's a rare chance, so do you want to talk?"

The discussion will become longer, so Arisa prepared black tea and some more cookies.

(……If you eat too much at night you'll get fat? Arisa?)

I think that, but I don't say it.

"Anyways, a magician is someone who can exercise magic according to their images within the 'range' that their magic can reach. And among magicians, you're categorized depending on your abilities.

First, attributes.

There are basically 4 attributes of magic. Ed, your [s.p.a.ce] attribute is an exception.

The one I use is [fire].

I can change the temperature within my 'range'.

I can make high temperatures, or low temperatures.

That's why I can manipulate both flames and ice.

Well, I'm more used to using ice though.

Next is [earth]

This is what the dragon from before used.

Earth lets you transform the materials in your 'range'.

As long as the ma.s.s stays the same, you can transform it into just about any shape.

This attribute is used more for metalwork than for battle, and it's a really convenient attribute for craftspeople.

Even for battle, you can fight well enough by transforming the terrain, your or your enemy's weapon or armor."

I remember fighting the dragon from before. As long as I fought on the ground, it was plenty of a threat.

"The 3rd one is [wind].

This attribute manipulates the flow of objects in the air.

Of course, you can shoot lumps of air at the opponent, take away their air to interfere with their breathing, and a skilled magician can even create things like s.p.a.ces that have no air in them or invisible blades to attack with.

For sailors, it seems that having this attribute or not can greatly change your employment conditions.

The final one is [water].

It's good for manipulating liquids.

Unlike the other 3, it's not really fit for battle, and its power is weak.

Of course, in water battlefields, it can be used to manipulate the water freely, and can be used to fight.

The largest characteristic of this attribute is its healing ability.

Naturally in humans, blood is flowing. Using water attribute magic, you can accurately remove toxins from the body and stop blood from flowing.

Although they can't directly cure injuries, it's said that if you're treated by a magician with the water attribute, your injuries will heal at a speed several times normal.

Well, for those ones, that's about it."

"Wind and water existed too."

All of them have their clear characteristics and are easy to understand.

"Is that so? Well I guess that's good."

Arisa made a satisfied smile, and threw a cookie into her mouth.

"Well then, what is a sorcerer?"

"Sorcerer is a t.i.tle given to those who have mastered their attributes. There's one for each of the attributes.

I am the [fire] sorcerer."

I watch as Arisa gulped down cookies while speaking.

⸺Arisa's still young.

Even just by hearing that short explanation, it's easy to imagine just how difficult and amazing it is to possess the t.i.tle of a sorcerer at her age.

"How is that decided?"

"Typically, if the previous sorcerer nominates someone, and that person is approved of by the representative of magicians, the Magicians' a.s.sociation, they'll publicly become a sorcerer."

It seems that a troublesome procedure would be necessary.

"Did you do that too?"

"Yeah. I, Arisa Feo Asteria was nominated by her mentor, Zico Feo Asteria, and became a sorcerer." (TLN: ジーコ ・ フェオ・アステリア, I'm going with Zico. If you want to change the name, give an alternative.)

Arisa said that, as if saying that to herself.

……Her expression was slightly shaken.

"Your mentor……looking at the name, is he an old man? How's he doing now?"

Arisa softly closed her eyes.

"⸺He's dead. It's been many years."

"……Sorry, I asked you something unpleasant."

"It's fine. I have Ed with me now, so I'm happy."

Forcing a smile, Arisa turned to me.

From her words and expression, the fact that I was an important person to Arisa was transmitted to me.

At the same time I realized that Arisa's mentor must have been a very important person to her.

At the very least, Arisa should've been happy when she was with him.

"⸺Yeah, me too."

As if to comfort her, I stroke Arisa's head.


Arisa stayed quiet, and let me do that for a while.

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