I Was Made the Disciple of a Yandere Girl, But Chapter 10 Part2


The middle of my body throbs and aches.

I woke up due to the pain, and I was in Arisa's room and bed.

"It seems that I managed to survive……"

My surroundings are already bright.

Looking around, Arisa was sitting in a chair by the bed, and *kokkuri, kokkuri* rocking back and forth.

Seeing that, I involuntarily smiled.

After that fight, she must've brought me all the way over here.

My hand naturally extended to Arisa's hair, and I patted it gently.

Then, I looked around Arisa's room.

Most of anything other than her living s.p.a.ce was filled with stuffed animals.

(……For a sorcerer, this room is really girly.)

Even so, there really are a lot of stuffed animals.

I couldn't help but be impressed by the variations and numbers of her rabbits, tigers, goats, and octopi.


I became aware of one thing.

There were clearly stuffed animals of me. It wasn't even just one or two them either.

There were 5. Each of their expressions were subtly different. They ranged from a crisp looking one all the way to one with a loose smile.

I stop petting Arisa's head, and in spite of myself, take one (the crisp looking one) on the side of the bed into my hand.

(……It's formed like me really well.)

I look on the back of it, and

[Ednimal ver. Cool Edgar ♡] (TLN: エドぐるみ, or Edgurumi, translated into ednimal.)

was embroidered on the back.

*Jittori* I feel a cold sweat on my back.

(What is this……)

Next, I take the one with the loose smile.

On its back is⸺

"Ednimal ver. Kind Edgar ♡."


My vision *gunyaa* gets distorted.

⸺Like that, I fell onto the bed.

"Well……eh? It's already lunchtime!? I overslept, Ed! Ed? How are your injuries? Are you okay?"

I hear Arisa's voice.

⸺Don't shake me so much please.

I'm still tired from yesterday……

"……Okay, yesterday was tiring, so I'll especially let you just laze around today. However, only for today. Instead, you have to stay in bed all day. I still have to take care of your injuries, okay?"

⸺Ah, thanks Arisa.

"Fufu. It's alright Ed. Now that that's been decided, I'll bring your food and magical medical treatment kit……wait a bit!"

Saying that, Arisa left the room⸺but then, I wonder if she noticed something, Arisa came back into the room.

"A,also, th,this, stuffed animal! Sleep while holding this stuffed animal! Got it!"

Saying that, Arisa thrusted a stuffed animal in between me and the futon.

Arisa thrusts in another one. And another one……

Without worrying about it, I let myself fall asleep.

After all, I got permission to sleep as much as I want to.

I don't intend to waste even a moment of that.

Not long after that, I fall asleep.

Arisa said 'Wi,with this, my Ed Series will get some of Ed's warmth', and while raising a weird laughing voice, she kept thrusting more stuffed animals into the futon.

……I didn't say anything to Arisa about that.

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