I Was Made the Disciple of a Yandere Girl, But Chapter 10 Part1

After the battle with the dragon, Arisa hurriedly confirmed Ed's injuries.

From a brief check, she found that there weren't particularly any big injuries.

Arisa *ho* let out a breath.

And, Arisa gently hugged Ed.

"Thank goodness, Ed, you're okay……"

The fight with the dragon.

Arisa and Edgar were able to gain victory.

The dragon was a formidable enemy.

There were many times when they felt their lives were in danger.

However, in addition to not having sustained many injuries, even the battle time was short.

It could be said that although the sorcerer Arisa fought together with him against this large-scale majuu, this was an terrible achievement that could even send the country into confusion.

Arisa thought.

'My ice magic's restraining ability and defensive ability is certainly high'.

But more than that,

⸺Edgar's attack power was abnormal.

In this battle Edgar's attacks had easily cut through the dragon's earth-attributed skin and wings, which were said to be as hard as rock. Each and every one of Edgar's attacks had the power of a certain kill.

By the time this fight finished, Arisa was certain of it.

⸺That Edgar already has ability on the level of a sorcerer.

Since he was first summoned, Edgar's growth rate had been abnormal.

Indeed, he had been eating majuu meat which was filled with magic power, but his magic power still rose at a rate that an ordinary person wouldn't even think of.

Day by day, Edgar's total magic power rose, and by now he had about 70% of Arisa's amount.

Arisa's magic power isn't small even among the 4 sorcerers.

……70% of the magic power of that sorcerer.

With that growth speed, he'll surpa.s.s Arisa's magic power in less than a few months. He'll even surpa.s.s the other sorcerers' as well.

And then, there's his [s.p.a.ce] attributed magic.

It can accelerate, decelerate, and change the directions of substances.

At first, Arisa thought that it could be used to a certain extent.

However, Edgar's magic was superior to the point of being abnormal in its degrees of acceleration and deceleration, and it’s accuracy in changing directions.

In his first battle with the dog majuus, his knives were abnormally fast and accurate.

Despite it being his first battle, Edgar's knives moved so quickly and accurately that even Arisa couldn't see them.

It was the same for the practice battles.

It was the moment Arisa's were blown away.

Soon after thinking of preparing a new wall, she was attacked by Edgar.

During the fight with the dragon.

The speed that he accelerated to the limit gave his weapon enough power to easily pierce through the dragon's st.u.r.dy skin.

And finally, the attack to the dragon's eye.

During the battle, even while moving he instantly aimed at its eye and gave it a finishing blow.

If it was even a bit off, his attack would have been prevented by the dragon's skull, and the fight would have continued on.

However, Edgar's aim was perfect.

This meant that from several tens of meters away, he accurately attacked at a s.p.a.ce about 10 centimeters wide.

Already, it was a stunt that could only be called superhuman.

If they seriously fought Edgar now, about how many magicians would be able to survive?

The ability to remove his ability to attack.

Not only is his attack range terribly wide, it's accurate, and on top of that, his attacks are powerful.

Any defenses that Edgar becomes aware of are immediately invalidated.

(And in my opinion, there should be more to Ed's magic.)

She'll understand that in the near future⸺or so Arisa thought.

Arisa picked up the remains of the corpse to tried to freeze it.

Then, she immediately brought Edgar all the way back to the laboratory.

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