I Was Made the Disciple of a Yandere Girl, But Chapter 9

First, when Arisa took out 10 majuu bones from her magic bag and threw them, she froze them and made 10 longswords about 1.5 meters in length and 30 centimeters in width.

Because majuu bones which contain magic power are the cores of the swords, they're durable and easy to pa.s.s magic power through.

"Ed, use these."

"You saved me."

I float them in the air.

These are perfect for attacking, and if the time comes, I can make a wall from them.

Due to the strength of the knives, it'd be difficult to use them to cut off its wings.

"Let's go according to the strategy. I'll freeze the base of one of the wings. Ed, then you'll go full power and beat it."

"Roger that."

Then, I took 10 knives and 2 longswords out of the magic bag and add them to the weapons floating in my surroundings.

A total of 22.

With this, my battle preparations are perfect.

The distance that Arisa's magic power can reach is about twice mine.

I'm the advance guard, and Arisa is the rear guard.

My magic lets me manipulate everything in front of my eyes. I can even make magic mine. No, I will.

And for the things not reflected in my eyes, Arisa can freeze and cover for me. No, she will.

There's no need to worry.

We're the strongest combination.

We match our breathing, and nod to each other.

We won't talk again until after the battle is finished.

"⸺Let's go."

I muttered that, and ran at full speed to the dragon's right side.

With my current highest speed and power, I form an image of the swords flying.

(I'll beat it down with my full strength!)

As I approached the dragon, in one breath I flew 10 of the ice swords to the base of the dragon's wings.

*Buonbuon* My weapons flew while crushing the air.

Then, at the moment the ice swords reach its wings⸺the wings freeze.

(⸺It's perfect, Arisa.)

My weapons reach the frozen wings of the dragon, and my frozen swords *gorigori* sc.r.a.pe it off.


Surprised by the magic that hit him and the sword penetrating his wing, the dragon wakes up.

However, after 10 ice swords pa.s.sed through it, the wing is already separated from the main body.

*Zushin*……one of the dragon's wings fell off from its base.


A roar echoes through the cave.

The dragon who lost its wing, as if it had forgotten its pain, began to rampage.

The dragon's arms scratch at the air, its tail beats on the ground, and its roar rang throughout the cave.

⸺However, while it did that, we relax our attacks.

Possibly because it's eyesight is weak since it lives in a cave, but the dragon hasn't found us.

Right now I'd like to give it another attack.


I observe the dragon for my next attack, and without aiming for its other wing, I set my aim at the dragon's right leg that almost never moved.

(Its tail and arms are impossible. Their being swung around too violently right now. However, they're getting in the way of me aiming at its right leg. I can't aim properly, I need to get closer to it!)


Its tail is smashed into the ground, and fragments of rocks are flying around⸺however, my knife pushes them all out of the way.

This much isn't a problem. However, if I get hit by the tail or the arms, there's no doubt I'll die immediately⸺!

"⸺Ed! Do it! I'll protect you!"


The moment I heard those words, I completely switch my state of mind, and I approach the dragon's right leg at full speed.

I don't need to worry about the dragon's attacks.

I instantly shorten the distance to the dragon's right leg.

Just a little more⸺!


Then, its tail came from the left, cutting through the wind.

It's impossible for me to manipulate objects of this size, however⸺.

Suddenly, ma.s.sive walls of ice appear at my side.

I blow them to my left with my s.p.a.ce magic, and repel the tail.


Next is an arm coming from the right.

This time I take all the ice swords that Arisa made, and use them a shield.

*Bagyogyogyo* I was able to defend myself, but a few of the ice swords broke.

Then, I roll diagonally, and pa.s.s through.


Finally, I reached all the way to the right leg.

I can only attack for a moment.

Soon, the tail that I repelled just before will come back.


As if to cross it with the one in its back, I thrust my longswords into the dragon's joints.


That's a sword made from the fang of a high grade majuu.

It seems to be something made by Arisa's mentor.

From its sharpness that was enough to pierce through the dragon's skin, I can see a glimpse of the terror of its original owner.

*Gyupyuri* Blood spurts out from the dragon's leg.

"⸺Here's some extra."

After pulling out the longswords, I drive a knife into the wound.

*Zutazuta* With this, both the dragon's right leg nerves and the swords are messed up.

It can't move its right leg anymore.

(I have no more business here. I'll withdraw from here.)

Like that, I pa.s.s by its right leg, slip under the dragon's belly, and roll over to its left side.


Its pain and agony pile up, and the dragon's screams get even louder.

With this, the dragon has lost its right wing and right leg.

The dragon's body greatly loses its balance, falls onto its right side, and brought down with it, its neck falls to the ground.

(I'll put an end to this.)

I tried to set my aim of the longswords onto the dragon's head⸺but, at that moment.

My eyes met with the dragon's.

⸺The dragon succeeded in again putting me in its line of vision.

Its eyes were stained red with anger.

It was to the extent where you'd think it could kill with only its gaze.


By the time I had noticed, the dragon's magic had already activated.

The ground around me bulges, and the dirt tries to swallow me.

I desperately think of a way to breakthrough.

⸺What should I do!?

Then, I remembered how I shifted Arisa's ice wall with my magic.

It's not like I can't do the same with this dirt.

⸺I should be able to do it! Using my magic!

I image the earth in front of my going to the right and left, avoiding me, and release it.


The dirt in front of me avoids me.

I succeeded in shifting the flow of the dirt, and somehow get past it.

However, the dragon's magic doesn't stop. It sends 2 waves, 3 waves of magic at me. The earth blocks the dragon from my vision, and I lose the ability to attack. I continue to just cope with the earth flying at me.

This should be a great opportunity.

I destroyed the dragon's balance, and it'll easily fall if I aim at its head.

I need to somehow find a chance to attack⸺!


Along with the dragon's scream, the momentum of the earth suddenly stops.


I hear Arisa's voice.

From where I was in the middle of the earth, I jump out without any hesitation.

In order to bring to this dragon's vision⸺and to bring an end to this duel.

From what I could see of what remained of the dragon, its remaining limbs were frozen, and it's right hand was crushed by a huge ma.s.s of ice.

(So its scream from before was because of this⸺!)

The tiny gap that Arisa created⸺I don't let it pa.s.s.

The dragon's and my vision meets while run and fly a longsword, and although the dragon's right side is injured, it relies on its left side and aims at me with magic.

(This battle will last a moment⸺It'll be decided here!)

My longsword was driven into the dragon's left eye, and almost simultaneously the earth attack me.

The momentum of the earth blows me away.

However, while I was blown into the sky, I saw it.

The dragon lost its power, and fell.

Then Arisa ran over to me.

(……Arisa, you really are the best partner.)

From the shock of colliding with the ground, I lose consciousness.

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