I Was Made the Disciple of a Yandere Girl, But Chapter 7 Part2

Arisa couldn’t build up the resolve to live as a sorcerer⸺thinking that it was unforgivable for her, she ran all the way to this dangerous forest.

Then, she summoned Edgar⸺no, she ended up summoning him.

With the last technique that her mentor taught her.

Arisa thought.

Her mentor had died, and she was living alone, just like before.

⸺I want someone to stay by my side, someone to live with me.

That was a feeling that everyone has.

At the same time, it was a feeling that she shouldn’t have.

Arisa hoped.

Because she had once known of affection from others,

I want someone to love me⸺also, I want to love someone.

Arisa hit on a good idea.

Although her life benefactor was already dead, she was extraordinarily grateful to them.

In that case.

⸺She should just go ahead and become someone’s life benefactor.

If she did that, that person might depend on her. They might love her.

Then, Arisa devised her plan.

⸺The people of this world won’t work. They’d get scared just by looking at her figure.

⸺Since that was the case, she should just take someone from another world.

Her mentor’s last technique was a magic that summoned a human from another world.

Combining this with a technique to look at the other world, she summoned Edgar.

It was just coincidence that she found Edgar. By chance, the man who was betrayed by his own family and despaired about the world was the man who she was watching. That’s all it was.

⸺However, it is because of that Edgar is now living in this world.

While watching Edgar in the other world, Arisa picked up a curiosity, and a kind of empathy.

Edgar was still young, and it wasn’t anywhere close his time of death, yet even though she couldn’t summon him, Arisa continued to watch Edgar.

Edgar’s life was fierce. It was life of betrayal after betrayal starting from his childhood.

When Edgar was happy, Arisa was happy, and when Edgar was sad, Arisa was sad.

When Edgar talked to girls other than herself, her heart felt p.r.i.c.kly.

She wanted to learn more about Edgar, and Edgar’s world. Of course j.a.panese too.

While doing that, she began to think.

If only Edgar could come here too.

If he was with me, he wouldn’t meet any hard times.

⸺No matter what happens, that’s absolute.

Every time those thoughts came to mind, Arisa denied them.

⸺That’s not something I should do.

I don’t have the right to twist other people’s fates.

⸺But, what if.

What if Edgar got tired of living in that world?

What if Edgar died with his regrets?

⸺I have to save him.

While making that excuse for herself, she finished her perfect summoning magic formation.

And then, suddenly it came.

It was the day she summoned Edgar.

Even though Arisa is full of happiness right now, she occasionally thinks.

⸺Edgar might think it would’ve been better to die then.

Was what I did, something I only did for myself?

Was it really for Edgar’s sake?

⸺Is it really okay for me to stay by Edgar’s side?

Even if Edgar learns about this me, will he still stay with me?



⸺While crushing those feelings to death, today another day for Arisa starts.

“⸺Good morning, Ed! Wake up!”

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