I Was Made the Disciple of a Yandere Girl, But Chapter 7 Part1

Since that day, Arisa's life has been centered on Edgar.

Get up early in the morning, and make Edgar's breakfast.

After breakfast has been made, go and wake up Edgar.

Eat breakfast with Edgar.

Cleaning, laundry, and flirt with Edgar.

Then, another meal.

Of course, they sleep together at night too.

Her everyday life with Edgar will continue.

Her memories with Edgar are increasing.

Take care of Edgar, train with Edgar, and leave the point between life and death with Edgar.

Arisa was happy.

There was the existence named Edgar who accepted her nearby.

There was was willing to accept her nearby.

She had thought that such a person would never appear.

Arisa already can't live without Edgar.

She had thought that countless times over the past few months.

However, she doesn't know Edgar's feelings.

That made Arisa uneasy.

Certainly, Edgar accepted her on the surface.

But, she doesn't know whether he'd accept her corrupted, despicable feelings.

These were feelings that she never had for her magic mentor, who accepted her in the past.

She never thought of embracing her mentor.

She never thought she to spoil her mentor.

She never thought she wanted her mentor to spoil her.

She never thought she wanted her mentor to know of her weakness.

She never thought she wanted to know of her mentor's weakness.

This must be fundamentally different, or so Arisa thinks.

To Arisa, her mentor was to the bitter end, her life benefactor, and nothing more.

Indeed, she was grateful to them for picking her, who was being persecuted for her appearance, up.

However, if you use somewhat extreme logic, you could say that the most important thing to her was that she absorb magic from her mentor. Anything other than that, nothing mattered⸺.

"You [cursed child]! I told you not to come out from the cabin!" (TLN: 『忌み子』)

Since Arisa was albino, she treated as an outcast even within her family.

In this world, albinos are treated as symbols of disasters, and are alienated.

In ancient times, an existence called the 'witch' killed most of the world's people.

Arisa was the spitting image of the figure pa.s.sed down in the legends.

Everyone would avert their eyes from her. They wouldn't talk to her.

Ever since she was a child she was always, always alone.

Loneliness is a poison. It's a poison that kills your heart.

Arisa had no one to believe in.

She became unable to believe in anybody.

"Is your appearance something that would make a person unhappy?"

Even in her mentor who said that, and picked her up.

Arisa desperately studied magic under her mentor.

It was because she knew she couldn't live normally.

She needed a weapon for herself. She wanted one.

Were those thoughts what drove Arisa to success? Or was she just naturally talented from the beginning?

Arisa became the youngest sorcerer in the history of the Magician's a.s.sociation.

Her mentor pa.s.sed away the day she succeeded their last magic.

At that time, Arisa noticed for the first time.

That she was only treating her mentor as a magic textbook.

For some reason, her feelings didn't change at all once her mentor ceased to exist.

Because she learned all the magic she could, and stole all of their techniques before they died, she thought it was fine that they died.

⸺When she noticed that, Arisa cried.

Arisa you ingrate.

What do you think of a life benefactor?

Her mentor gave her warm meals, a house, a family, and a blessed environment.

Her mentor should have loved her.

Even though they were so affectionate with her.

⸺She thought of her mentor as if they were a tool.

However, those tears stopped quickly.

When she noticed that, tears spilled out again.

However, Arisa's feelings of sadness disappeared soon.

And then, she cried again.

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