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Eternal Heart Eternal Heart Chapter 5

Together, hand in hand, they walked away, while it didn't feel real to Chen Yu.

Now Mu Xueqing, with a tiny, delicate, red bashful face, like the first blossoming of a peony in the rain, it made a person feel very tender. The long skirt set off her delicate beautiful appearance, the entirety gave off a clear, beauty, free from vulgarity, feeling. [TN: again, it's vaguely close but very hard for me to separate the layers of praise]

The young refined lady, wearing a gentle light fragrance, when glancing at all of her, it brought to his heart an inexplicable itch and burning feeling.

Most of all, the girls luminous white arm, brought such a satiny soft feeling.

Only, the smooth powerful heartbeat bearing a strong invisible conviction didn't permit him to get carried away.

The process of the crystal hearts fusion and transformation, not only transformed Chen Yu's body, his thoughts and reactions were much faster than in the past.

Thinking about it a bit, Chen Yu felt something was somewhat fishy.

For something this abnormal to come about there will certainly be a demon.

The last two years he had pursued Mu Xueqing for a long time.

However, while Mu Xueqing hasn't rejected him, she also hasn't responded, that kind of lukewarm feeling gave him no peace of mind.

It gave him the feeling: that Mu Xueqing didn't have a good opinion of him, but for some reason wasn't consciously estranged from him.

And now.

Mu Xueqing grabbing onto his arm in public, an intimate move, was somewhat abrupt and abnormal.

Walking away from the dining hall, in the presence of the girl, they stopped.

"Big brother Chen."

Mu Xueqing suddenly let go of his hand, the charming red blush on her face destroyed.

She took a light breath, bright eyes clear, cold and raw, seemingly determined and made up her mind on something, in an easy manner looked straight at Chen Yu.

The young lady letting go of his hand gave Chen Yu a trace of disappointment.

And Mu Xueqing's transformed expression, with clear bright pupils like a lake, gave him a strange feeling.

"Xueqing, speak your mind?"

Chen Yu's calm state of mind, that steady powerful heartbeat sound, gave him the courage to look straight at, that formerly, not daring to profane, dream girl.

Mu Xueqing was slightly startled, feeling that the boy in front of her eyes was distinctively different from the past.

However, that didn't change her mind.

"Big brother Chen, according to your aptitude, returning to the secular world and family you could live better. Perhaps the Sect might not fit you, Mu Xueqing can't bear you being humiliated by others......" [TN: refers to herself in third person]

Mu Xueqing's soft, pleasant, voice circled his ear.

That voice was awfully pleasant to listen to, but included was a tactful meaning, that made Chen Yu's heart entirely cold.

That moment.

He went from a rainbow high in the clouds, to falling into a bottomless abyss of misperception; again, a basin of cold water poured onto his fiery heart.

"You think my natural aptitude is deficient, requiring me to withdraw from the Sect, returning to the secular world? So, just now you acted merely to 'protect' me?"

Chen Yu interrupted her.

Mu Xueqing's bright and beautiful face couldn't help stiffening.

She already spoke in a tactful way, afraid to injure Chen Yu's self-esteem.

And didn't expect the other would directly open up the topic.


Mu Xueqing just a moment ago came to the dining hall in the middle of the act, and didn't have the heart to watch Chen Yu be bullied, and carried out a disguised "protection".

"That's right!"

Mu Xueqing bit her lip with a composed face: "I merely out of kindness, proposed Big Brother Chen return to the secular world. And......"

"And what?"

Chen Yu surprisingly calmed down.

"Very soon I will enter the 'Inner Sect', becoming an Inner Sect Disciple. When that time comes, regardless of Big Brother Chen's decision, we will in the people of two worlds."

Mu Xueqing spoke up to the final part, before fading, her eyes just and honest. [TN: iffy in several spots]

After speaking this "decision", her inner heart felt guilty and restless, as if unable to return to calmness.

We will in the people of two worlds.

"This is your decision?"

Chen Yu unexpectedly laughed.

Mu Xueqing's sentence was equal to thoroughly drawing a boundary line with Chen Yu; also meant Chen Yu's effort in chasing her in the past, was all wasted effort!

Inner Sect, that was indeed the core of Cloud Mountain Sect.

Inner Sect Disciple, was the inner sect's main focus in cultivating, the difference was like night and day compared to Outer Sect Disciples.

According to Chen Yu's last two years performance, establishing a foothold in the Sect, indeed was not likely.

From a certain aspect......Mu Xueqing's conclusion, as well as the decision, seemed to have no mistakes.

"Big Brother Chen, Xueqing knows you are a good person, yet is ashamed regarding you. If you sincerely want to stay in the Sect, Xueqing will not let anyone bully you." [TN: 且愧对于你 is what I translated as 'yet is ashamed regarding you', could be 'ashamed for you'. Either way, I think she's saying she feels she's letting him down, not that she thinks he's trash.]

Mu Xueqing nibbled on her lip with a guilty look on her face.

After all the two knew each other since very small and had a somewhat good opinion of each other.

Her doing it like this might extremely injure his heart?

She was worried Chen Yu might not bear such a big blow.

"Thank you."

Chen Yu spoke the two words with a trace of an inexplicable smile on his face.

That smile was as if a heavy burden had been released.

Recalling the past few years, he while pursuing Mu Xueqing felt like the other was keeping their distance, while growing more the more distant and strange.

So, it actually turns out that.

Mu Xueqing had already went so far away that she was about to enter the Inner Sect.

So, Outer Sect Disciples, no matter him or Wang Lingyun, or including many other suitors, all had no chance of a relationship.

The only difference was Chen Yu the beautiful woman's affection could it be considered a defeat yet glorious?

Chen Yu couldn't help imagine:

If Mu Xueqing was frank a bit earlier, he could have cut her out of his mind and would have had more energy, the last two years, to practice martial arts.

Maybe by now he might have had a higher chance of breaking through to the Meridian Opening Stage.

"Luckily now it's not too late."

Chen Yu eliminated a difficult task and in his heart is a bit magnanimous; although it was inevitable for there to be some sorrow, all in all he crossed over that threshold.

Thank you?

Mu Xueqing's bright eyes carefully examined Chen Yu, suddenly somewhat unable to understand this boy.

"I will still stay in the sect, but don't require your so-called shelter."

Chen Yu indifferently said.

Martial arts practice is the path he yearn for in his dreams. The Sect world's martial arts are dominating the world.

He yearned for this path.

Spoken words completed, Chen Yu without a trace of reluctance turned to walk away.

That resolutely turning youngster gave Mu Xueqing's heart an inexplicable tremble, a sense of loss, and a feeling of pain.

At that moment the youngster at hand, that self-confidence, and masculine temperment, affected her heartstrings.


Mu Xueqing's bright eyes were slightly red.

Suddenly, she felt like she had lost some kind of precious person, from then on hard to redeem.

At this time.

Chen Yu suddenly turned to leave behind some words: "Also, we will meet again in the Inner Sect."

"Meet again in the Inner Sect? That's impossible!"

Mu Xueqing slightly shook her head, nearly subconsciously gave her conclusion.

She understood clearly Chen Yu's current situation. She was afraid that if he thought of staying in the Outer Sect it would be very challenging.

Very quickly Mu Xueqing calmed her state of mind, her eyes held a clear peace and certainty.

Since she selected this path, she would not regret it!

She had her own family, her own life goals, even loftier future prospects, how could she be limited to her initial hazy emotions.


Respectively, Mu Xueqing and Chen Yu, left to the Sect and the outside desert mountains.

*Rustle!* *Rustle!* *Rustle!* [TN: sound r

All the way, jumping and running, Chen Yu felt his body was more and more light and graceful, and in his eyes the world more and more vast.

After experiencing a momentary pain, afterwards his breath of mind was okay, and felt like a black cloud had been pushed away, letting a wide and shining moon appear.

"I must establish a foothold in the Inner Sect. I want to make my own family strong, letting my father and mother be proud of me......"

Chen Yu leapt high in the sky while shouting that.

The very minor youngster, at that moment with a vigorous vitality and strength established his own goals.

He didn't know.

When taking this first step, how far he will go, or how high.

Barren mountain forest.

"Iron Plow Fist!"

The youngster's figure flickered, his fighting technique screamed with a shaking and cracking sound, a deep thunder. [TN: sounds are messed up]

Over time.

Chen Yu's fighting technique grew more and more powerful, even a feeling of a wind and illusion of a torrential rainstorm's clap of thunder.

His unceasing training was not only to upgrade, but to also the maturity, of his martial arts, but it was also to adapt to his enhanced body.

After fusing with the mysterious heart, Chen Yu's recovery power was greatly strengthened such that a few hours of continuous practice didn't exhaust him. Only when his stomach's hunger level was extreme would he hunt game.

It was equal to saying that his practice time and efficiency far surpassed an ordinary person.

A bit of time went by.

Chen Yu's fighting technique's maturity and even cultivation capacity all improved at the same time. Especially the former, it could be rated as going a thousand miles in a single day.

Ten days later in the evening.


An excited wave of Iron Fist, a large grouping of trees exploded into wood shavings and fluttered about. [TN: not quite sure if it means a large section of one tree or multiple trees over time]

For a moment dust rose upwards and beasts were frightened into retreat.

"A fist explosion breaking thick hardwood, leaving a gap where the wood disintegrated from only reached 's large success maturity......"

At the dust's center was a youngster with his eyes closed, on his face a trace of satisfaction.

After ten days of continuous, and bitter practice, his had reached the large success realm!

Ordinary martial arts is divided into four realms: entry threshold, small achievement, martial arts large success, and top apex.

Abbreviated into early success, small success, large success, and peak.

A Sect martial art, even if a low level martial art, if it can be practiced to the large success realm possessed formidable might that can't be looked down on.

Not to mention.

which had a reputation as easy to learn, difficult to perfect, the farther it was trained the more powerful it became.

This Sect fist technique at early success and small success, if compared to other similar ranked martial arts the power was slightly more.

And when it reached large success stage the power can rise dramatically!

"My present strength, even if fighting with a 'Meridian Opening initial stage', it might not lose."

Chen Yu with closed eyes, felt the vigorous power within his body.

At that time, not just reached large success, even his cultivation also reached the limit of the Forged Body stage, he had reached the peak of the Forged Body.

The Forged Body peak was already equipped to attack the Meridian Opening stage's basic condition.

In other words.

Chen Yu now can right away attempt to attack the Meridian Opening stage, as for whether or not it would succeed was difficult to say.

"No urgent need to attack it, there is still one and half months left."

Chen Yu wore a contemplating look.

He had heard the Sect's teaching elders say that the Forged Body was the foundation and the more solid, the better.

With a solid foundation the following Meridian Opening stage can support even larger strength in the future the martial arts can go further.


At breakthrough time, the cultivation of "main cultivation laws", also was significantly important.

If a main cultivation law's grade was higher, or the more profound the heritage, the higher the strength after breaking through to the Meridian Opening stage.

Chen Yu when barely entered into the Cloud Mountain Sect, within the "Sky Martial Pavilion", free of charge, picked the Sect's low level martial art .

According to rules.

After promoting to the higher Meridian Opening stage he can free of charge select a higher grade of Sect art, in the "middle rank of martial arts".

In addition he could rely on Sect contribution points!

The completion of a number of tasks entrusted by the Sect could give but the difficulty wasn't small.

Chen Yu spent three years in the Outer Sect and his accumulation of contribution points was only enough to exchange for low level power law.

That for him was of no real meaning.

"My goal is the Inner Sect, the starting line can't fall too short. It's necessary to once again gather some contribution points, selecting a good Sect cultivation power law and then breaking through to the 'Meridian Opening Stage'......"

Chen Yu slightly thought over it and rapidly came to a conclusion.

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