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Eternal Heart Eternal Heart Chapter 4

"I concede! Concede......"

Inside the dining hall the only sound was Feng De's frightened begging for forgiveness.

The watching Outer Sect Disciples looked at each other with astonished dismay and started to whisper.

Everyone's gaze that looked towards Chen Yu immediately changed, even some senior "Meridian Opening Stage" disciples put away the scorn they had in their minds.

"In Cloud Mountain Sect, as expected a clenched fist educates more people......but I like it!"

Chen Yu laughed towards his fist and said with a breath. He no longer paid attention to Feng De and returned to his own dining table and began again to wolf down his food, leaving behind an astonished face.

"How could Feng De lose so badly?"

"One fist jolted him flying! Three moves him! Even if a Meridian Opening Stage tried, no more than......"

A few Outer Sect Disciples still had bewildered faces.

After all, Feng De's strength, in the Forged Body Stage level, would be considered in the upper reaches.

At that time.

At the outer dining hall entered a cool black clothed youngster.

"How come......"

The black clothed youngster's entire bewildered face just entered in time to see the scene of Chen Yu defeating Feng De.

Shortly after his face sank into a brief pondering expression as he looked uncertain.

"Elder brother Wang!"

"Elder brother Wang Lingyun!"

Some disciples nearby gave deferential greetings.

But Wang Lingyun's expression was not good, just a moment ago as he entered the dining hall he saw that scene.

Only last night he strangled Chen Yu's opportunity and also spoke about how he would no longer treat the other as a genuine rival.

"Younger brother Feng, how are you?"

Wang Lingyun recovered his normal color, and walked past to the recently crushingly defeated Feng De and helped him stand up.

In fact, Wang Lingyun and Feng De's relationship is very ordinary, so much so that they hadn't spoken many times.

Only, Wang Lingyun needed to get from Feng De's mouth more precise information.

After all he barely came in in time to see Chen Yu's final fist defeating Feng De in a flash and didn't understand the circumstances that preceded it.

"It's Elder Brother Wang Lingyun, great......"

Feng De's face revealed a happy expression.

He was very clear about the old enemies relationship between Chen Yu and Wang Lingyun.

Especially the continuous, unwavering, suppression by Wang Lingyun in the Sect on Chen Yu, deliberately making things difficult in all aspects.


"......Wang Lingyun came, this is fun."

The surrounding people were enjoying watching, their interest not decreasing, it instead there was even more to look forward to.

Not long after.

A once through of the course of events for Feng De and Chen Yu's fight, from beginning to end, was explained.

"How can it be! After this long his strength unexpectedly increased in a leap to this?"

Wang Lingyun questioned in his mind.

Gradually he began to be suspicious.

Chen Yu's strength rose dramatically that there were doubts, it might even be abnormal.

"To substantially upgrade his strength, in a short time, mostly likely relied on external things, for example some of the world's legendary precious materials, a miracle medicine."

Wang Lingyun's mind was very agile.

His keen vision again fell on Chen Yu's body, who was absorbed in eating the pig trotters.

But this boy's financial resources obviously weren't capable unless......

Wang Lingyun's eyes flashed with a severe light.

"Only if......that boy is still hiding some meteorite iron fragments or another stroke of luck."

Thinking up to there, Wang Lingyun's thoughts were extremely unresigned.

Out of the question!

Certainly can't let him get away with it!

Wang Lingyun with a sinking heart began to calculate.

In Xiangyang city his "Wang Family" together with Chen Yu's "Chen Family" are part of the three big families.

The two big families struggled for very many years, both wanting to become Xiangyang City's overlord.

However, though both families were strong they were merely of the secular grade.

In the Kunyun big 6, the Sect's forces, were above a secular kingdom.   [TN: 'Kunyun big 6' is temporary, I assume it's talking about the 6 biggest sect's but 'kunyun' could be a continent or empire or something else, not sure]

Sect's genuinely dominated the world!

Some were legendarily strong, flying above the earth, a thousand miles a step, sword strikes breaking mountains and rivers, void walking...... all came from the extremely mysterious Sect world!

"Only having a foothold in the Sect has the ability to let my family stand strong......"

Wang Lingyun deeply understood this truth.

That also was why he did his utmost to suppress Chen Yu. To engage continuously in competition with Chen Yu, to pursue "Mu Xueqing" was also for that goal.

Seemingly somewhat sensing it, at that moment the eating Chen Yu's vision swept over.

"Wang Lingyun!"

The two people's visions collided together.

Chen Yu's face slight sunk, during his dining he abruptly felt a hostile gaze of malice.

This kind of acute sense was something he didn't have in the past.

"I didn't see Younger Brother Chen for only a short night and your strength improved by a not small amount."

Wang Lingyun with a fully smiling face was nearly affectionate.

Chen Yu's heart was cold, he was indeed very much clear about Wang Lingyun's true colors, a "man with a big smile and evil intentions".

"Come come! Let me test younger brothers skill."

Just as expect, Wang Lingyun just started to approach and suddenly reached out with a claw to grab towards Chen Yu's arm.


That claw was like a thunderbolt, with a cold and raw electric gale. [TN: last half was confusing]

No matter the intensity, or the style's might, both were higher than the preceding Feng De's and not limited to that level.

Chen Yu felt his qi and blood slow and skin tremble.

However, his heart burst out with a powerful throb and within his body his qi and blood flourished.


Chen Yu threw a fist out which had a muffled whistling.

*Bang Bang*

The fist and claw colliding together, Chen Yu's complexion massively changed as he felt a sharp, overbearingly strong qi stab into his body.

"Inner breath......"

Chen Yu's figure suddenly in an instant was barely stable and still; at the same time inside his body his qi and blood burst and boiled, absolutely difficult to bear.

Wang Lingyun stood still, absolutely not moving a single jot.

At the first confrontation their relative superiority was immediately distinguishable.


Wang Lingyun's eyes contained a trace of fear, his heart was shocked.

Just a moment before, that single claw of his used 50-60% of his "inner breath" power and unexpectedly didn't seize the other.

Not only that.

From the strong bump a moment ago his palm was feeling numb, his opponents strength was actually so frightening.

Perhaps, Chen Yu in his previous hand to hand fight with Feng De didn't use all of his strength.

His mind reached there.

His mind a haze, it yielded a thought of intense, extremely murderous hatred: "This kid certainly had some kind of stroke of luck, maybe still conceals meteorite iron fragments......"

Meteorite iron fragments value was absolutely beyond imagination.

Chen Yu very possibly hid several fragments and gave them to the outside or even a Sect higher-up for a precious material spirit pill, that was the only way there could be such a major breakthrough.

"Can't let him prevail!"

In Wang Lingyun's heart the desire to kill grew stronger, inwardly channeling 100% breath.

His mind had a resolution, even if staking it all meet with Sect punishment, Chen Yu should also be seriously injured or maimed enough to be easy to handle.

If not, then when Chen Yu promoted to "Meridian Opening Stage" it would be a thorny problem.

He barely prepared his Thunderbolt attack.


The opposite youngsters figure instantly drew back several meters and opened the distance.

Chen Yu was not a fool, he was clear of the gap between him and Wang Lingyun and wouldn't wait for the other's hand again.

"Iron Cloud Claw!"

A black clothed flash, and Wang Lingyun followed relentlessly, rushing forth a hand claw, making use of inner breath he cut open the air with a sharp whistle.  [TN: last part is confusing]

Clearly Chen Yu underestimated Wang Lingyun's determination.

"Iron Cloud Claw! This is indeed one of the most savage martial arts of its rank......"

"Only the Meridian Opening Stage can command the maximum power of it, it can crush iron and stone."

A few of the nearby senior disciples couldn't help cry out in alarm.

Wang Lingyun's in the martial arts was a full higher level than .

In a split second Chen Yu felt a hint of oppressive crisis, that Iron Cloud Claw still hadn't reached him but an invisible breeze made breathing challenging.


Luckily his bodies inner essence's huge increase, within his body his heart rushed forth with a powerful vitality allowing his body to leap high up and rapidly permitted him to move back meters and once again open the distance with the other side.


Wang Lingyun's claw missed it's target as it left a "claw shape" behind in a thick dining table.

It was easy to imagine if that claw hit a human body it possibly killing them.

"I, at my present strength, even if I can't beat Wang Lingyun, defending myself shouldn't be a problem."

Escaping the hit, Chen Yu was a bit relieved.

He was very confident in his body's inner quality.

After merging the mysterious heart his body's basic essence was indeed upgraded overall, strength, speed, reflexes were all majorly different from the past.

"You come chase......come, come"  [TN: not exact but keeps the mocking flavor]

His mischievously smiling figure again fled, infiltrating into the middle of the crowd of disciples.

"Step aside!"

Wang Lingyun's furious figure flickered again as he prepared to pursue.


That crowd of disciples noisily scattered to avoid the crossfire.

Immediately, the followers in the dining hall fled, creating a chaotic scene.

This slippery!

Wang Lingyun, flustered and exasperated, after a short time was simply unable to grab the other. This impossible situation made him utterly embarrassed.


Unexpectedly, a clear cold female voice came through from the back.

That voice, even if full of displeasure and cold intent, still nonetheless had the unique softness of a young woman, giving birth to general fanciful thoughts.


The entire dining hall was deathly still.

Wang Lingyun's body stiffly halted and looked towards the figure of the young lady behind his body as he wore an apologetic smile on his face.

Within his vision.

A single slender and elegant, pretty and soft young lady leisurely walked over. [TN: can't do justice to the way the author piles praise on her here and before]

She possessed a waterfall of soft elegance, eyes bright and beautiful, eyelashes long and curved, that girl's unique freshness and purity, made people palpitate with eagerness to respond.

"Younger sister Mu!"

"Mu Xueqing? The outer sect's first beauty......"

A young lady in a qing lian dress, bringing out her clear supple curves, immediately became the heart of the dining hall.

Numerous male disciples subconsciously swallowed their saliva. Some female disciples, were in comparison dejected, and secretly annoyed.

"It's Xueqing," while secretly angry.

Wang Lingyun not giving up, had a graceful smiling appearance as he called out a greeting.

Mu Xueqing however didn't pay attention to him, her gorgeous and moving eyes lighting and falling upon Chen Yu's body, her voice like an oriole.

"Big brother Chen!"

She familiarly came over and pulled on Chen Yu's arm.

This scene immediately made some male disciples, including Wang Lingyun, have an unsightly complexion.


Chen Yu felt the young maiden's soft, white, tender arm, his eyes very wide open, somewhat in disbelief.

In his heart he is, beside the sudden pleasantly surprised happiness, is even more feeling it is unexpected.

The last two years, this is the first time Mu Xueqing has had a close moment like this with him.

"Big brother Chen, let's go......"

The charming young maiden in front of his eyes had a slight blush on her face.

Chen Yu as a 14 year old boy, obtaining a dreamlike beautiful woman's liking, had an unprecedented happiness.

"Chen Yu! What kind of skill is hiding behind a woman!"

From behind came the sound of Wang Lingyun shouting loudly.

And the man and woman's figure, as if not aware, left behind a full room of hate and burning jealousy.

The actual words are 'a calamity for the fish in the moat' which is half of the phrase 'a fire in the city gates is also a calamity for the fish in the moat' which is a paraphrase of an older saying 'And a fire on the city gates in the state of Song would bring disaster to the fish in the moat'.

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