Contemporary American History, 1877-1913 Part 21

Powderly, _Thirty Years of Labor_ (1889); John Mitch.e.l.l, _Organized Labor_ (1903); T. S. Adams and H. Sumner, _Labor Problems_ (1906).

IMMIGRATION: Frank Warne, _The Immigrant Invasion_ (1913); Peter Roberts, _The New Immigration_ (1912)--a study of the social and industrial life of Southeastern Europeans in America; H. P. Fairchild, _Greek Immigration_ (1911), and _Immigration: a World Movement and its American Significance_ (1913); P. F. Hall, _Immigration and Its Effects on the United States_ (1908); I. A. Hourwich, _Immigration and Labor_ (1912)--a study of the economic aspects of immigration and favorable to a liberal immigration policy; J. W. Jenks and W. J. Lauck, _The Immigration Problem_ (1912)--particularly valuable for the data presented.

SOCIALISM: Morris Hillquit, _History of Socialism in the United States_ (1910); W. J. Ghent, _Ma.s.s and Cla.s.s_ (1904); J. W. Hughan, _American Socialism of To-day_ (1912); W. E. Walling, _Socialism as It Is_ (1912). On the newer aspects of socialism and trades-unionism: John Spargo, _Syndicalism, Industrial Unionism, and Socialism_ (1913); A.

Tridon, _The New Unionism_ (1913); J. G. Brooks, _American Syndicalism_ (1913); W. H. Haywood and F. Bohn, _Industrial Socialism_ (1911); James O'Neal, _Militant Socialism_ (1912).

WOMEN: Edith Abbott, _Women in Industry_ (1909); E. D. Bullock, _Selected Articles on the Employment of Women_ (1911); E. B. Butler, _Women in the Trades_ (1909); R. C. Dorr, _What Eight Million Women Want_ (1910); I. H. Harper, _Life and Work of Susan B. Anthony_ (1899-1908), _History of the Movement for Woman Suffrage in the United States_ (1907); E. R. Hecker, _Short History of Woman's Rights_ (1910); G. E. Howard, _A History of Matrimonial Inst.i.tutions_ (1904); Helen Sumner, _Equal Suffrage_ (1909)--a study of woman suffrage in Colorado; C. P. Gilman, _Woman and Economics_ (1900).

CONTROVERSY OVER THE JUDICIARY: Gilbert Roe, _Our Judicial Oligarchy_ (1912)--a criticism of recent tendencies in the American judicial system; B. F. Moore, _The Supreme Court and Unconst.i.tutional Legislation_ (1913)--a historical survey; W. L. Ransom _Majority Rule and the Judiciary_ (1912); F. R. Coudert, _Certainty and Justice_ (1913); G. G. Groat, _Att.i.tude of American Courts in Labor Cases_ (1911); C. G. Haines, _The American Doctrine of Judicial Supremacy_ (1914).

POPULAR GOVERNMENT: G. H. Haynes, _The Election of Senators_ (1906)--valuable for the question of popular election; C. A. Beard and Birl Shultz, _Doc.u.ments on the Initiative, Referendum and Recall_ (1912); E. P. Oberholtzer, _Initiative, Referendum, and Recall in America_ (1911); Walter Weyl, _The New Democracy_ (1912); H. Croly, _The Promise of American Life_ (1909).

THE SOUTH: A. B. Hart, _The Southern South_ (1910); E. G.

Murphy, _Problems of the Present South_ (1904); H. W. Grady, _The New South_ (1890); W. G. Brown, _The Lower South_ (1902).

THE NEGRO PROBLEM: The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science for September, 1913, is devoted to articles on the progress of the negro race during the last fifty years. A. P. C.

Griffin, _Select List of References on the Negro Question_ (1906, Library of Congress); R. S. Baker, _Following the Color Line_ (1908)--valuable for the handicaps imposed on the negro in the South; J.

M. Mathews, _Legislative and Judicial History of the Fifteenth Amendment_ (1909); M. W. Ovington, _Half a Man_ (1911)--status of the negro in New York; T. N. Page, _The Negro_ (1904)--viewed as a Southern problem; A. H. Stone, _Studies in the American Race Problem_ (1908)--discouraging view of the economic capacities of the negro; B. T.

Washington, _The Negro in the South_ (1907)--useful for economic matters; and _The Future of the Negro_ (1900); A. B. Hart, _Realities of Negro Suffrage_ (1905); G. T. Stephenson, _Race Distinctions in American Law_ (1910).

THE GROWTH OF THE WEST: H. H. Bancroft, _Chronicles of the Builders of the Commonwealth_ (1891-1892), 7 vols.; J. C. Birge, _The Awakening of the Desert_ (1912); C. C. Coffin, _The Seat of Empire_ (1871); Katharine Coman, _Economic Beginnings of the Far West_ (1912), 2 vols.--exploration and settlement; J. H. Eckels, _The Financial Power of the New West_ (1905); F. V. Hayden, _The Great West_ (1880)--resources, climate, Mormons, and Indians; J. S. Hittell, _The Commerce and Industries of the Pacific Coast_ (1882); R. P. Porter and others, _The West_ (1882)--review of social and economic development from the census of 1880; L. E. Quigg, _New Empires in the Northwest_ (1889)--Dakotas, Montana, and Washington; Julian Ralph, _Our Great West_ (1893)--survey of conditions; Joseph Schafer, _A History of the Pacific Northwest_ (1905); W. E. Smyth, _The Conquest of Arid Arizona_ (1900).

MONROE DOCTRINE: J. B. Moore, _History of American Diplomacy_ (1905); J. W. Foster, _A Century of American Diplomacy_ (1901); J. H.

Latane, _Diplomatic Relations of the United States and Spanish America_ (1900); A. B. Hart, _Foundations of American_ _Diplomacy_ (1901); Hiram Bingham, _The Monroe Doctrine_ (1913)--a severe criticism of the Doctrine.

THE SPANISH WAR: F. E. Chadwick, _Relations of the United States and Spain_--excellent for diplomatic affairs; H. C. Lodge, _The War with Spain_ (1899)--an interesting popular account; H. D. Flack, _Spanish-American Diplomatic Relations Preceding the War of 1898_ (1906)--a careful a.n.a.lysis of the causes of intervention; George Dewey, _Autobiography_ (1913).

IMPERIALISM: D. C. Worcester, _The Philippines: Past and Present_ (1914), 2 vols.--a great and authoritative work by the former Secretary of the Interior in the Philippines; H. P. Willis, _Our Philippine Problem_ (1905)--a study of American Colonial policy; J. A.

Leroy, _The Americans in the Philippines_ (1914)--a large and authoritative work on the early stages of American occupation; F. C.

Chamberlin, _The Philippine Problem_ (1913); J. G. Schurman, _Philippine Fundamentals_ (1901); Elihu Root, _Collection of Doc.u.ments Relating to the United States and Porto Rico_ (1898-1905, Washington); L. S. Rowe, _The United States and Porto Rico_ (1904); E. S. Wilson, _Political Development of Porto Rico_ (1906); W. F. Willoughby, _Territories and Dependencies of the United States_ (1905)--a general work on the government of the territories.

THE PANAMA Ca.n.a.l: J. B. Bishop, _The Panama Gateway_ (1913)--an authoritative general account; W. F. Johnson, _Four Centuries of the Panama Ca.n.a.l_ (1906).

THE PEACE CONFERENCES: Joseph Choate, _The Two Hague Conferences_ (1913); J. B. Scott, _The Hague Peace Conferences of 1899 and 1907_ (1909).

AMERICAN INTERESTS IN THE ORIENT: F. F. Millard, _The New Far East_ (1906)--special reference to American interests in China; P. S.

Reinsch, _World Politics_ (1900).

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