An Essay on the Antient and Modern State of Ireland Part 4

If it is Revenge that we seek, they have, already, suffered enough, not for their own Faults, but for the Hostility of their Forefathers. If we seek our Safety, alone; let us chace _them, at once, from Country and Community_; or put an _End to our domestic Fears_, by giving them Cause to defend us.

Indeed, Sir, neither common Sense, nor Sense of any Kind, can possibly suppose, That Acts of Kindness which have been, from the Beginning of the World, the Cement of Friendship to all other People, should prove the reverse to these People alone.

Had they been to us, as the Swallow, in Autumn, who forsakes all Connections on the Approach of Inclemency, I should never have pleaded for any Confidence in them. But a People, who, through a Winter of seventy Years Continuance, have never failed, or forsaken, or given us Cause of Offence, surely merit some Consideration, some grateful and chearing Ray to warm them to a Sense that _Protestants_ are not, by Choice, of a cruel, unforgiving, and malevolent Nature.

Lastly, Sir, as I know you to be a Gentleman of a communicative Disposition, and that you were, formerly, fond of exhibiting the Sentiments of some of your Friends; should you impart this Letter to any of your popish Acquaintance, I doubt they might be apt to give me more Thanks than I am conscious I deserve. It is, therefore, but commonly honest, to advertise you, and them, that while I write in the Favour of _Papists_, the Interest of _Protestants_ is never out of my Eye.

When I thought your Favourites most formidable, I shewed I did not fear them; and now, that I think them impotent, let them not think I flatter.

What I have hitherto hinted is but a narrow opening to the Concerns and Interests of an unhappy Country, whereof I have the Misfortune to be a helpless, though loving, Member. To promote the Advantage of _Ireland_, in any respect, would be, to me, the cardinal Point of the whole Compa.s.s of my Ambition; and a subsequent Letter may shew how far my Observations relate to the Decline, or Prosperity, of my Country, whenever you confer the Pleasure of an Answer on,

_Dear_ SIR, _Your truly affectionate_, &c.


_ 1 Dublin_, 1753, _M. Reilly_, Editor.

2 This _Mac Con More Macnamara_, Duke of _Klan Cullane_, founded, erected, and amply endowed the beautiful Abbey of _Quin_; as did other Chieftains of his Name and Family, several Parochial Churches, with a great Number of magnificent Castles.

_ 3 Seasonable Thoughts_, &c. published by _George Faulkner_; _the Case of the Roman Catholics_, and _the Principles of the Roman Catholics_, the two last published by _P. Lord_, in _Cook-street, Dublin_.

4 To all the above Productions of _Ireland_, may be justly added, our inestimable Fisheries, and plentiful Mines, which, under due national Encouragement, would raise immense Treasures.

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