The Story of a Lamb on Wheels Part 12

"Oh, my dear!" cried the Sawdust Doll, "are you sure these dreadful adventures have not hurt you?"

"It's really not very much," answered the Lamb on Wheels. "You know an ocean trip such as mine is apt to be rather damp, and I have been left with a little rheumatism in my left hind wheel. But now that I am back with Mirabell it will soon be all right."

"She ought to have her mother put a little oil on it," said the Sawdust Doll. "That would cure it at once."

"And did the odd-job man's horse go faster than I can go?" asked the Rocking chap.

"I hardly remember," the Lamb answered. "But I was almost seasick riding on that wagon."

"Hush! The children are coming back!" neighed the White Rocking Horse, and the toys had to be very still and quiet.

"I know what we can do!" cried d.i.c.k, after he had helped Arnold put out a make-believe fire with the toy engine. "We can play soldier!"

"That will be fun!" said Arnold, who liked games of that sort. "I wish I had some toy soldiers," he went on. "I saw some in the same store where your Rocking Horse came from, d.i.c.k. I wish I had a set of tin soldiers, with a captain and a flag and everything!"

"Maybe you'll get 'em!" exclaimed d.i.c.k.

"Maybe," echoed Arnold,

"Oh, I hope he does," thought the Lamb on Wheels. And if you children want to know whether or not Arnold got his wish you may find out by reading the next book in this series, called: "The Story of a Bold Tin Soldier."

As for the Lamb on Wheels, she lived with Mirabell for many, many years, and had a fine time. She had some adventures, too, but none more strange than the one of riding down the brook on a raft.


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