Evil Immortal Refiner 1 Prologue

"Sora Frostrain! You bastard, you're more despicable than the demons you claim to be righteously vanquishing! All this war, just so that your human Emperors can steal what little resource us demon kin have?"

Within the Palace hall that was no less than 500 square meters, an innumerable number of bodies laid unmoving staining the marble and Ivory inlaid decor across every platform. If you did not pay close enough attention you would miss the blood and soul fire from these deceased subordinates that have been slowly but surely breaking down and feeding on the bodies that laid around and were even gathering the Demon cores.

in the center of the grand palace hall were two beings, one of them clearly in a more favorable position then the other, cried out as they gave their all in this standoff.

"You humans are all trash! you sacrifice your own people so that those at the top can live lavish and unrestrained lives. HAHAHAHA you dare call us evil and vile? at least we are much more united then you all! even if one of ours is weak, they are given a chance to grow and move up the ranks!

you humans snuff out young talents in fear of being usurped! HAHAHA we would rather die valiantly under the blades of our youth knowing that our people's strength and future continues to grow!"

As sword and stave clash against each other the 20 meter demon with blood red hair stood below the human warriors sword. With the two star God-Tier Ever Night Blizzard Saber and four star God-Tier Reaping Dagger lodged into his back and neck respectively it was no wonder that he was already at a disadvantage, but he still had to fend off this ruthless human who had the seven star God-tier Overlord Soul Shattering Sword!

To stay alive this Demon Lord allowed two of its right wings to become crippled and even received a great scar on its right ram horn. Even with the looming death aura spreading from the dagger and the frost energy spreading into the limbs, the two Oni horns on his forehead were glowing in hopes to gather power to attack. Who knew this human would ruthlessly betray his comrades in his conquest for power!

"Haha, I have to thank you Demon Lord Cadmus. since my hero awakening ceremony I've been holding back, never allowing anyone who has seen the true form of my God-tier sword to live! During our last encounter it was easy enough for me to hold back just enough to allow you to decimate our party and retreating only when more than enough of us were almost half dead."

With the flap of the Hero's one star God-tier Wings of Divine Movement that have a powerful teleportation ability and storage ability, the three star God-tier Earth devouring War Hammer came crashing down on the demon lords head! Using the energy gathered in his horns, all the Demon Lord could do is try and soften the blow.

Purple light shot out from his Oni horns and enveloped his head while lightly coating the rest of his body. The God-tier war hammer smashed the light shield formed from his demonic energy into nothing shattering the spell and the backlash scattered the magick in all directions.

Enduring that single strike while already so beaten up instantly brought the demon down on one knee.

Humiliation filled Demon Lord Cadmus face. He, one of the 7 Demon Lords, Descendant of the Greater Demon Lord Beelzebub, Lord of more than One-hundred billion square miles of land, ruler of 10 trillion people, a being who has transcended worlds, was being forced to kneel in front of a self righteous pretentious human who has become a fallen hero!

"After our last battle oh splendid demon lord, picking off my half dying party members and stealing their God Artifacts was like stealing candy from a baby! HAHAHA, and after i kill you, I'll reclaim the two artifacts I let you take from killing Roni and Jeremy, eat your flesh and Break past the ranks of Saints and enter Demigod-hood HAHAHA with so many God-tier artifacts sacrificing a few of them for their divinity would be a great consolation for myself as i go work through the grief of losing the few friends I've made through this Holy conquest to slay demons! HAHAHA!"

With every clash of power between these behemoths, earthquakes would ravish the land sending mountains crumbling and even changing the course of rivers. one thing was for certain, no matter who the winner of this battle was, the topography of the land would never be the same!

"Oh! what's this Sir demon lord?

you had such a glib tongue not to long ago.

Hehehe! finally realizing you might have bitten off more than you can chew?"

With a twisted smile Sora continued to throw attack after attack at the defending Cadmus.

"Where did you put the artifacts? It's only been 2 months since our battle there's no way you've already finished refining them down. Even for you a five star, and six star God-Tier artifact can't become tainted that quickly.

I heard out of all the demon lords and greater demons you have the weakest demonic aura. Barely covering the area of a few hundred kilometers."

With each sentence Sora's attacks were getting heavier and heavier! Finally being unable to counter or defend, Demon Lord Cadmus flew across the Palace hall receiving another mortal wound.

The three star Earth Devouring War Hammer found its new home in the demon lords abdomen. The War spike was fashioned with a reverse barb like design to make pulling it out one hundred times worse than when it went in. If being smashed to death by its flat side and being impaled by its spike didn't kill you, pulling it out would surely leave you begging for a quicker death.

"Quickly now turn over the artifacts to me and I'll finish this quickly. Don't think I have the same issue as you, the ability of my seven star Overload Soul Shattering sword allows my soul strength to increase with every life that I take. I still have plenty of strength to wield all these God-Tier weapons and ravish your imperial harem."

With every sentence Sora made it was like he was washed over with a sense of relief, as if speaking his truth aloud finally relieved some unknown pressure on his soul.

Since the beginning of the battle his once pure silver hero aura has already started to show dark spots sporadically throughout, now as he truly let his heart's desires loose, his aura quickly transitioned into a dark fiendish aura with a red tint.

"Hold him down"

With the snap of his fingers the beautiful wings on his back detached and flew at breakneck speed wrapping themselves around Demon Lord Cadmus.

By chance or through divine intervention the 20 meter tall demon was thrown in the direction of his throne.

Before he could catch his breath or even make any move to remove the various God-Tier artifacts mortally wounding him, the Wings of Divine Movement wrapped around his body and the back of the throne in a bear hug like motion.

Although normally the feathers were as soft as they looked, they actually had the ability to cut through diamonds!

At this point every breath he exhaled would accumulate a layer of frost in the air. But even on the brink of death, there was a glint of satisfaction in this defeated demons lords eyes.

As Sora floated towards the throne although he was smiling, you could tell he was losing his patience.

"I guess I'll just have to carve your soul out in the most painful way possible and directly pull your memories out. It shouldn't be hard to obtain..."

Before he could finish his words a dazzling white spell formation started forming from outside the palace somewhere, fully forming with its center closing around the enormous thrown.

If Sora would have been paying more attention to his surrounding he would have realized the once littered room has become absent of blood and bodies.

Up on the throne, chuckling could be heard coming from the dying demon Lord. His once faint dark demonic aura began showing hues of gold glittering throughout it.

"What the ** is this!? You're not even a demigod, how are you releasing such a powerful aura of divinity?

Don't piss me off anymore than you already have Cadmus! I had already planned to torture your soul for a few centuries but I don't mind prolonging the pain into a few millennia after extracting your memories.

Stop with all your schemes and your death can be quick!"

Feeling a bit regretful at the fact that things were not going smoothly at all, Sora stopped playing with his meal and got into position to make his final strike.

"Although you humans entered into my realm this still isn't a place that you can leave so easily. Since I'm going to die anyway I'll directly destroy the laws holding this minor realm together giving you no chance at survival. Unless you've mastered the laws of chaotic sub space, the moment we enter it, destruction of your mind, body, and soul will only be a matter of time!"

From below the throne two rhombus shaped diamonds, one scarlet with what looked like tiny starts flickering in and out of existence and a purple one with black stars floated directly into the demon lords mouth.

Before Sora could finish his strike both gem like objects were directly swallowed. In the next moments right as the seven start God-Tier sword pierced through the demons core the entire world started to shake violently.

Although only the tip of the sword came into contact with the demon core which housed his soul and all his power, a slight crack could be seen spreading from the contact point.

"You ungrateful demonic bastard!! All you had to do is die and everything else would have been taken care of! Who the hell sacrifices an entire continents worth of people and resources just to get revenge? Your life would have had more meaning at the end of my sword!"

With the space laws become unstable and with them both being at the origin point, they were both immediately flung into the recesses of chaotic space!

The main continent will never know the truth of how one of the demonic realms permanently fell but in the knolls of history the Seven hero's were worshipped as martyrs for sacrificing their lives in an attempt to ride the multiverse of demon kin.


- Moments after entering chaotic space -

[Breach in Host soul Finally detected...]

[Beginning body synch... failed]

[Beginning soul synch... 87% Synchronization]

[Beginning mind synch... 94% synchronization]

[Absolute and total synchronisation failed]

[Running emergency protocals.. searching for usable resources]

[Absorbing lesser God artifact cores to reestablish safe parameters]

[Beginning body synch... failed]

[Beginning soul synch... 100% compete]

[Beginning mind synch... 100% compete]

[Searching for vessel for host...]

[Vessel found... begin reincarnation process in 10 sec]

Even after fighting a battle to his last breath and having his body torn apart piece by piece from chaotic space, Demon Lord Cadmus, someone who has transmigrated and reincarnated before, would not allowing his soul to be so easily extinguished!

But even someone as powerful as him could only hold on to a shred of awareness. Right before his consciousness went blank he could hear a machine like voice speaking directly to his soul.

to bad he passed out before he had the chance to make sense of whatever it was saying...

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