The Mightiest System Chapter 4

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Chen Feng was shocked, the attribute of his novice equipment was already the top among the apex in its category.

Looking at such equipment Chen Feng became very confident.In his previous world those with new gift package and promotion gift package players,and some gamers which went through training by the country, was still outmatched by chen feng.

Looking at the many first-level leopard cats, Chen Feng started to have an evil smile.

.”This to start leveling.”

These leopard cats are fall level 1 with about  30-40 hp, so long as they were hit, they would be instantly killed. However, these leopard cat movement speed were very fast and with Chen Feng attack speed he won't be able to touch them.

But this to Chen Feng, is only minor problem.

Chen Feng is observing the motions of these leopard cats, especially the weakest cat, to try to find its movement patterns.

He as a bone ash level player,have very keen observation and a.n.a.lytic skills as well as great patience and endurance..

After observing their movement patterns, Chen Feng started his ambush.When a leopard cat pa.s.s by him,it's movement slowed down and Chen Feng immediately cut the cat with is word instant killing it.

He Obtained 10 experience from this 1 kill and got promoted to level 1.

The speed of this leopard cat and its agility are far above him, even if he sneak attack, he still do not have such ability to catch the cat as the leopard cat is able to completely avoid his attacks. But what is strange is that this leopard cat unexpectedly slowed down in front of chen feng allowing him to easily kill it?

Before the leopard cat arrives, Chen Feng  grind the anesthetic pill to powder and blew it.

Causing the air to be filled with it, so long as this leopard cat through, it will be affected and its movement speed would drop.

As a bone ash level player, he knows that there should not be any mistake in this first kill or he would be the one dying instead. And this place is different from the game as he only have one life.Once he dies he will not be able to re-sp.a.w.n.

Obtaining five free attribute points, Chen Feng placed all of them into his speed. Agility is not very useful to a bone ash level player as it only increases the speed of dodging,especially with his present physique which was extremely weak.Naturally for him now the best way to kill is to conduct sneak attacks and, so that the leopard would not have a chance to retaliate.Thus now he only needs speed, because if the speed were to be slow, his attack will be unable to reach the leopard cat.Now the anesthetic pill to him is a very important item, as he had very little he needed to start conserving them.

With the addition of the 5 attribute points,his movement speed now is at 70 points allowing him to definitely sneak attack the leopard cat and not need to waste any aesthetic pills.

Observing the lone leopard cat then start hunting and killing is a very slow process but there is no compet.i.tion amongst player to level up fast in this place,coupled with his s.h.i.tty body,being able to kill those cats is already an astounding feat!

A day has already pa.s.sed and now is night time. Chen Feng managed to kill ten leopard cats, and advance to level 2 successfully.

HE plans to pump his future free attributes to his physique , opening the attribute board, he examines his latest attributes.

Characters: Chen Feng

Rank: 2 levels (0%)

Strength: 10

Physique: 6

Agility: 1

Speed: 6

spirit strength: 0

Attribute: Fire

Spirit cultivation:none

HP: 100 (equips +30)


attack power: 110 (new sword +10)

magic power: 0

Defensive power: 100 (equips +30)

movement speed: 70 (shoes +10)

In “Cultivation G.o.d”, killing any monsters with levels below oneself would not garner any experience points..

Chen Feng after arriving at level 2 tried to kill several leopard cats and found out that he did not gain any experience poitns ats well just like in the game.

Chen Feng knew that he is in a real cultivation world and not the game world so why does his body follow the system of the game, even his backpack, storage s.p.a.ce and gift package resembles the game as well?

Does it mean to say that after transporting into this world, his soul merged with the game "cultivation G.o.d" system?.

In this world, the level of monsters are dependent on their own strength.

Chen Feng knows that these monsters are living creature and not fake.

Now, he only has this hypothesis which is very inaccurate.

Leaving the area of leopard cats, Chen Feng starts to seek for the level 2 monsters.with his level promoted,his speed,defense and health points were all strengthened. To kill a second-level monster he only needs to be careful and conduct sneak attacks then he will be fine.

Now, he can only be extremely cautious of his surroundings as his initial attributes were very low!

So long as he reaches level 5, then he can take the vermillion fruit, taking effects immediately.

In the leveling up gift package, Chen Feng knew that as long as he reaches level 5 he would get a vermillion fruit for free.

Under the sky sect mountain, Chen Feng hunted monsters day and night without rest.Both his eyes already had no strength to open,as this is not gaming,he is very tired..

However what is good is that he managed to be promoted to level 5 these few days.  Although he leveled up,bhis anaesthetic pills and health pills were depleted, and his equipments as well as his sword's durability has reached 0 becoming a useless pile of junk.However, with his level promotion, his attribute has also risen significantly.

Characters: Chen Feng

Rank: 5 levels (0%)

Strength: 10

Physique: 11

Agility: 6

Speed: 11

spirit strength: 0

Attribute: Fire

spirit cultivation:nil



attack power: 100

magic power: 0

Defensive power: 100

movement speed: 110

As his novice equips durability has reached 0, it did not give him additional attribute points. Looking at his attributes, although his attributes have improved but compared to a regular 5 player it is still s.h.i.tty and as he has no usable equipment on,It is almost impossible to kill a level 5 beast!

His only hope now is to open the leveling up gift package,his novice gift package can only be opened once and has long ago vanished.

Opened the leveling up gift package, Chen Feng obtains 100 mana pills,a vermilion fruit, 100 magic power pills and 100 anesthetic pills.

No equipment were given but even with this supplements Chen Feng still grinned from ear to ear. With the help of these pills cultivating(leveling) would be a piece of cake.Looking at the vermillion fruit on his hand, he felt reluctant to consume it.

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