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OSL – Chapter Twenty-One

Warning: Chapter Twenty-One has mature content.

Gu Tian Tian kicks a fuss. One minute later, she rolls on her stomach and An Yin Zhu lies on her back.

‘If you run away from me, we’ll stay in bed for the rest of the day,’ An Yin Zhu says.

Gu Tian Tian wiggles her back. ‘Get off me, you’re breaking my back.’

‘If you call my name sweetly, I’ll let you go,’ An Yin Zhu says.

‘Big brother Chi Si Zhu,’ Gu Tian Tian calls.

An Yin Zhu laughs and shakes his head. ‘Say husband sweetly.’

‘Husband, your little sister,’ Gu Tian Tian mumbles.

An Yin Zhu kisses Gu Tian Tian’s stubborn mouth.

‘If you kiss me again, I’m going to bite your lips,’ Gu Tian Tian says.

‘Go ahead,’ An Yin Zhu says. ‘If someone asks me what happened, I’ll say you bit my lips when we were in bed together.’

Gu Tian Tian wishes she can bite An Yin Zhu’s lips without adding to others’ misunderstandings about their relationship.

Gu Tian Tian would rather let An Yin Zhu French kiss her than calling him husband sweetly. He can wait until he’s an old man, and she still won’t call him husband sweetly.

Minutes later, An Yin Zhu’s hands unb.u.t.tons Gu Tian Tian’s top, he ma.s.sages her b.r.e.a.s.t.s and pretends to be a gentleman.

‘I’m helping you take off your clothes before we head to the hot springs,’ An Yin Zhu says.

Gu Tian Tian remembers what a cad An Yin Zhu was last night, and curses him. ‘An Yin Zhu, you MF, get off my back. I hate you.’

An Yin Zhu looks at Gu Tian Tian’s face for a while. Then he abruptly gets out of bed, adjusts his wrinkled clothes and silently leaves the bedroom.

Gu Tian Tian watches An Yin Zhu close the door, and regrets cursing him.

‘It’s obvious An Yin Zhu took advantage of me,’ Gu Tian Tian mumbles. ‘Why is he acting like a pitiful person?’

Gu Tian Tian sits like a guilty person on the bed for a few minutes, and someone knocks on the door. She jumps out of bed, opens the door and feels disappointed it’s Zhang Xiao Man.

‘Did you bring your swim wear?’ Zhang Xiao Man asks.

Gu Tian Tian shakes her head.

‘There’s a swim wear kiosk near reception,’ Zhang Xiao Man says and gives Gu Tian Tian a key. ‘It’s to unlock the gate to the private hot springs.’

‘Private?’ Gu Tian Tian asks.

‘You and Yin Zhu are exclusively designated to this private hot springs area,’ Zhang Xiao Man says, and smiles.

Zhang Xiao Man leaves, Gu Tian Tian sits on the bed and turns on the TV. Who wants to spend alone time with An Yin Zhu in the hot springs? Gu Tian Tian doesn’t see the TV screen, because she can only see An Yin Zhu’s hurt face before he left the bedroom. Gu Tian Tian feels restless on the bed as if her heart knows there’s somewhere important she needs to be.

Gu Tian Tian sighs. She gets out of bed, adjusts her clothes and buys swim wear at the kiosk.

Back in the cabin room, Gu Tian Tian reconsiders making An Yin Zhu happy by going to the hot springs. But soaking her drained body in the hot springs will relax her muscles.

Gu Tian Tian walks halfway to the hot springs, and hesitates.

‘Tian Tian,’ Zhang Xiao Man and Chen Kai Hua calls.

Zhang Xiao Man catches up to Gu Tian Tian. ‘Are you lost? Do you want us to take you there?’

Gu Tian Tian nods, Zhang Xiao Man and Chen Kai Hua drops Gu Tian Tian off at the hot springs gate.

Gu Tian Tian enters the hot springs area. The air is hot and steamy. There’s no one around, and she feels disappointed, but since she’s here, she wants to soak her body in the hot springs. She takes off her clothes to change into her swim wear, but she hears rustling noises, and jumps into the hot springs.

‘Don’t come here!’ Gu Tian Tian says.

An Yin Zhu walks away. Gu Tian Tian can’t believe how obedient he is today. She gets out of the hot springs, and quickly puts on the swim wear.

‘An Yin Zhu,’ Gu Tian Tian calls.

Gu Tian Tian can’t hear or see An Yin Zhu. She soaks her body in the hot springs, and curses the petty An Yin Zhu. Did he leave because he doesn’t want to see her?

Half an hour later, Gu Tian Tian feels frustrated than relaxed. She gets out of the hot springs, puts on her clothes and returns to the cabin room. There’s no one else inside the cabin room either. How can An Yin Zhu take her to a mountain cabin, and desert her?

Gu Tian Tian feels it’s a waste to watch TV alone inside a mountain cabin. She puts aside her pride, and calls An Yin Zhu.

‘I’m hungry,’ Gu Tian Tian says.

‘Um,’ An Yin Zhu says.

‘I’m hungry!’ Gu Tian Tian says louder.

‘What do you want?’ An Yin Zhu asks, and sighs.

Ten minutes later, Gu Tian Tian and An Yin Zhu arrives at a small restaurant near the hot springs. Her stomach rumbles because she only ate a bit of salad the whole day.

An Yin Zhu orders grilled meat for Gu Tian Tian, because she’s hungry.

‘A man shouldn’t be petty,’ Gu Tian Tian says. ‘I didn’t provoke you, but look at how you treat me.’

An Yin Zhu quietly waits for the grilled meat.

Gu Tian Tian looks frustrated in An Yin Zhu’s eyes.

‘Do you hate me?’ An Yin Zhu asks.

‘Yes, I really hate you,’ Gu Tian Tian says.

An Yin Zhu’s face pales, and Gu Tian Tian remembers she wants to make up with him.

‘Honestly, I don’t really hate you…’ Gu Tian Tian says.

An Yin Zhu stands up, and speaks coldly. ‘If you hate me, I won’t annoy you by appearing in front of you.’

Gu Tian Tian feels more frustrated. She clearly said she didn’t hate An Yin Zhu.

‘An Yin Zhu…’ Gu Tian Tian calls.

An Yin Zhu doesn’t turn around, and walks out of the small restaurant.

A waiter arrives with grilled meat, but Gu Tian Tian lost her appet.i.te. She eats to satisfy her hunger, but feels like the grilled meat tastes like bland salad.

Later, Gu Tian Tian queues in front of the counter, she looks for money in her pockets, but she realises she didn’t bring money.

Lucky Gu Tian Tian brought her phone. She doesn’t want to call An Yin Zhu, but she doesn’t have Zhang Xiao Man’s phone number or any of the other female staff’s phone numbers.

A couple of minutes later, Gu Tian Tian calls An Yin Zhu.

‘I didn’t bring money,’ Gu Tian Tian says pitifully. ‘Bring my money here.’

An Yin Zhu doesn’t reply, and hangs up his phone.

End of Chapter Twenty-One

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