The Thousand and One Nights Volume IV Part 41

[FN#299] Mim, the 24th letter of the Arabic alphabet.

[FN#300] Ain, the 18th letter of the Arabic alphabet.

[FN#301] The Koran is divided into sixty set portions, answering or equivalent to our Lessons, for convenience of use in public worship.

[FN#302] Koran xi. 50.

[FN#303] Name of the part.i.tion-wall between heaven and h.e.l.l.

[FN#304] Koran vii. 154.

[FN#305] A play on the word ain, which means "eye."

[FN#306] Chapters liv. lv. and lvi.

[FN#307] i e. ankle.

[FN#308] Koran xvii. 39.

[FN#309] Two stars in Aquarius and Capricorn.

[FN#310] Or chief part, lit. head.

[FN#311] Or remedial treatment.

[FN#312] Quare hot springs.

[FN#313] A dish of crumpled bread and broth.

[FN#314] Or savoury supplement to bread, rice and so forth.

[FN#315] Koran v. 92.

[FN#316] Koran ii. 216.

[FN#317] Played with headless arrows.

[FN#318] The fourth Khalif.

[FN#319] The Korah of Numbers xvi. fabled by the Muslims (following a Talmudic tradition) to have been a man of immense wealth. "Now Caroun was of the tribe of Moses [and Aaron], but he transgressed against them and we gave him treasures, the keys whereof would bear down a company of men of strength."-- Koran xxviii. 76.

[FN#320] Syn. bearing a load (hamil).

[FN#321] Koran lxx. 40.

[FN#322] Koran x. 5.

[FN#323] Koran x.x.xvi. 40.

[FN#324] Koran xxii. 60.

[FN#325] Koran x.x.xi. 34.

[FN#326] Fifth and seventh months of the Coptic year, answering (roughly) to our January and March.

[FN#327] Fifth and seventh months of the Coptic year, answering (roughly) to our January and March.

[FN#328] Fourth month of the Coptic year.

[FN#329] Eighth and twelfth months of the Coptic year (April and August).

[FN#330] Third month (November) of the Coptic year.

[FN#331] Sixth month (February) of the Coptic year.

[FN#332] The lowest of the seven stages into which Mohammedan tradition divides the heavens.

[FN#333] Koran lxxvii. 5.

[FN#334] Koran x.x.xvi. 36, 37, 38.

[FN#335] Koran xxii. 7.

[FN#336] Koran xx. 57.

[FN#337] A she-camel, big with young, miraculously produced, according to Muslim legend, from a rock by the Prophet Salih, for the purpose of converting the Themoudites.

[FN#338] Where he was hiding with Mohammed from the pursuit of the Benou Curaish.

[FN#339] Koran lx.x.xi. 18.

[FN#340] In Paradise.

[FN#341] Sperma hominis.

[FN#342] The Muslims attribute this miracle to Moses, instead of Aaron. See Koran vii. 110 et seq.

[FN#343] [Quoth G.o.d] "What is that in thy right hand, O Moses?"

Quoth he, "It is my staff, on which I lean and wherewith I beat down leaves for my flock, and I have other uses for it."--Koran xx. 18, 19.

[FN#344] Then He turned to the heaven (now it was smoke) and said to it and to the earth, "Come ye twain, obedient or loathing." And they said both, "We come, obedient."--Koran xli.


[FN#345] Koran x.x.xvi. 82.

[FN#346] Ali ibn Abi Taleb, first cousin of Mohammed and fourth Khalif.

[FN#347] Uncle of Mohammed and ancestor of the Abbaside Khalifs.

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