The House by the Church-Yard Part 94

Royal l6mo, cloth, limp.

Davis's Literary and Historical Essays. l8mo, wrapper.

Emily Sunderland; a Tale of Matrimony. Ryl. l6mo, cl. limp.

Emmet, Robert: his Birthplace and Burial. Sewed.

Eve of St. Michael; a Tale of Penance. By Mrs. Agnew.

Royal, l6mo, cloth, limp.

Faversham Grange; or, the Daughter of the Piscatori.

Post 8vo, cloth.

From Sunrise to Sunrise; or, Christmas in the Olden Time.

Post 8vo, cloth.

Fun--Humour--Laughter--to while away an hour on a Journey.

Gerald Griffin. His Life and Poems. By John Power.

Hail Mary; or, the Beauties of the Angelical Salutation.

l6mo, cloth, gilt.

Heir of Rochdale; a Tale of Baptism. By Mrs. Agnew. Royal l6mo, cloth, limp.

Historical Notes on the Services of the Irish Officers in the French Army. Paper.

History of the Irish Volunteers, 1782. 18mo, wrapper.

History of the "Protestant" Reformation. By Cobbett. Post 8vo, wrapper.

Holy and Blessed Children, Legends for Children. Paper.

Into the Sunlight. Post 8vo, cloth.

Knight of Clyffe Abbey; a Tale of Extreme Unction.

By Mrs. Agnew.

Life and Times of Hugh O'Neill. By John Mitchel.

18mo, wrapper.

Life of O'Connell. By Canon O'Rourke. l8mo, wrapper.

Life of the Venerable Joan of Arc. Imp. 32mo, cloth, limp.

Mangan's Essays, in Prose and Verse. l8mo, wrapper.

" German Anthology. 2 vols., wrapper, each 6d.

May Eve; or, the Lost Sheep restored to the Fold.

l6mo, cloth, gilt.

Mary Anne O'Halloran. l6mo, cloth, gilt edges.

Memoir of Cardinal M'Cabe, Archbishop of Dublin.

Moore's Irish Melodies. Royal 32mo, gilt edges.

National Ballads, Songs, and Poems. By Thomas Davis.

18mo, wrapper.

O'Connell's Memoir on Ireland, Native and Saxon. 18mo, wpr.

On the Snow Clad Heights. Post 8vo, cloth.

Paddy Blake's Sojourn among the Soupers. Wrapper.

Paddy Go Easy and His Wife Nancy. l8mo, wrapper.

Penalty of a Crime. Post 8vo, cloth.

Priest of Northumbria; a Tale of Holy Orders.

Mrs. Agnew. Royal 16mo, cloth, limp.

Redmond Count O'Hanlon. l8mo, wrapper.

Rody the Rover. l8mo, wrapper.

Tales for the Young. Cloth.

The Ballad Poetry of Ireland. By C. C. Duffy. 42nd Edition.

l8mo, wrapper.

The Book of Irish Ballads. By Denis Florence MacCarthy.

l8mo wrapper.

The Poor Scholar, and other Tales. By William Carleton.

l8mo, wrapper.

The Queen of Italy. 16mo, cloth, gilt edges.

The Golden Pheasant. "

The Dying Woodcutter "

The Danger of Ignorance. "

The Red Well, and other Tales. 18mo, wrapper.

The Songs of Ireland. By Michael J. Barry. l8mo, wpr.

The Spirit of the Nation. New and Revised Ed. 18mo, wpr.

The White Hen; an Irish Fairy Tale. 16mo, cloth, gilt edges.

Thomasine's Poems. 18mo, wrapper.

Traits and Stories of the Irish Peasantry. By W. Carleton.

l8mo, wrapper.

Valentine Redmond; or, the Cross of the Forest. l6mo, cloth.

Voyage autour de ma Chambre. By Count X. de Maestre.

l8mo, wrapper.

Wonderful Doctor (The). An Easter Tale. Post 8vo, cloth.

Adventures of Mr. Moses Finegan, an Irish Pervert. 18mo, cl.

All for Prince Charlie. By Miss E. M. Stewart. Square l6mo, cloth, gilt edges.

A Memoir on Ireland. By the late Daniel O'Connell, M. P.

18mo, cloth.

Antonio; or, the Orphan of Florence. Cloth, gilt edges.

Art MacMurrogh. By Thomas D'Arcy M'Gee. 18mo, cloth.

Ballad Poetry of Ireland. By Sir Charles Gavan Duffy.

18mo, cloth.

Bird's Eye View of Irish History. By Sir Charles G. Duffy.


Book of Irish Ballads. By Denis F. M'Carthy, M.R.I.A.

l8mo, cloth.

Carleton, Works by--18mo, cloth.

Paddy Go Easy and his Wife Nancy.

Redmond Count O'Hanlon.

Art Maguire; or, the Broken Pledge.

Rody the Rover; or, the Ribbonman.

The Poor Scholar, and other Tales.

The Red Well. Party Fight.

Traits and Stories of the Irish Peasantry.

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