Woman's Work in Music Part 11

Carmichael, Mary G. _Ma.s.s_, _Operetta_, _Piano_, _Songs_.

Cartwright, Mrs. Robert. _Songs_.

Ca.s.son, Miss. _Songs_.

Chamberlayne, Edith A. _Symphonies_, _Opera_, _s.e.xtet_, _Violin_, _Organ_, _Piano_, _Harp_, _Songs_.

Chazal, Mrs. _Overture_, _Organ_, _Violin_, _Piano_.

Clarke, Jane. _Hymns_.

Cole, Charlotte. _Songs_.

Collett, Sophia D. _Sacred Songs_.

Cook, Eliza. _Songs_.

Cooke, Edith. _Songs_.

Crament, Maude. _Songs_.

Davies, Llewela. _Orchestra_, _String Quartet_, _Violin_, _Songs_.

Davis, Marianne. _Songs_.

d.i.c.k, Edith A. _Piano_, _Songs_.

d.i.c.kson, Ellen. _Songs_.

Dufferin, Lady Helen Selina. _Songs_.

Dussek, Sophia. _Piano_, _Harp_.

Eaton, Frances. _Cantata_.

Ellicott, Rosalind F. _Overtures_, _Cantatas_, _String Quartet_, _Trios_, _Piano_, _Songs_.

Fare, Florence. _Dances_.

Flower, Eliza. _Hymns_.

Fortey, Mary C. _Songs_.

Fowles, Margaret F. _Hymns_, _Songs_.

Fricker, Anne. _Songs_.

Gabriel, Mary Ann Virginia. _Cantatas_, _Operettas_, _Piano_, _Songs_.

Gade, Margaret. _Songs_.

Gibson, Louisa. _Songs_.

Gilbert, Florence. _Songs_.

G.o.ddard, Arabella. _Piano_.

Goodeve, Mrs. Arthur. _Songs_.

Goodwin, Amina B. _Piano_.

Gray, Louisa. _Operetta_, _Songs_.

Greene, Edith. _Symphony_, _Violin_, _Piano_.

Groom, Mrs. _Songs_.

Guest, Jeanne M. _Concertos_, _Cantata_, _Organ_, _Piano_.

Gyde, Margaret. _Violin_, _Organ_, _Piano_, _Songs_.

Hardelot, Guy d'. _Songs_.

Harland, Lizzie. _Cantatas_, _Piano_, _Songs_.

Harraden, Ethel. _Operettas_, _Cantata_, _Violin_, _Songs_.

Harrison, Annie F. _Operettas_, _Songs_.

Heale, Miss. _Cantatas_, _Violin_, _Piano_, _Songs_.

Holland, Caroline. _Cantatas_, _Songs_.

Horrocks, Amy E. _Orchestra_, _Cantatas_, _Violin_, _'Cello_, _Piano_, _Songs_.

Hudson, Mary. _Hymns_.

Hunter, Mrs. John. _Songs_.

Inverarity, Eliza. _Ballads_.

Jordan, Mrs. _Songs_.

Kemble, Adelaide. _Songs_.

Kerr, Mrs. Alexander. _Songs_.

Lawrence, Emily M. _Violin_, _Piano_, _Songs_.

Lehmann, Liza. _Songs_.

Lehmann, Mrs. Rudolph. _Songs_.

"Lindsay" (Mrs. Bliss). _Ballads_.

Linwood, Mary., _Oratorio_, _Operas_, _Songs_.

Loder, Kate F. _Opera_, _Overture_, _String Quartets_, _Trio_, _Violin_, _Organ_, _Piano_, _Songs_.

Lowthian, Caroline. _Dances_, _Songs_.

Macironi, Clara A. _Violin_, _Songs_.

MacKinlay, Mrs. _Songs_.

Marshall, Mrs. Julian. _Orchestra_, _Operetta_, _Songs_.

Mary, Queen of Scots. _Songs_.

Ma.s.son, Elizabeth. _Songs_.

May, Florence. _Piano_, _Songs_.

Millar, Marian. _Cantata_, _Songs_.

Moncrieff, Mrs. L. _Songs_.

Moody, Marie. _Overtures_, _Piano_.

Morgan, Lady. _Operetta_.

Morison, Christina W. _Opera_, _Piano_, _Songs_.

Moseley, Caroline C. _Violin_, _'Cello_, _Songs_.

Mounsey, Elizabeth. _Organ_, _Piano_, _Songs_.

Mundella, Emma. _Oratorio_, _Piano_, _Songs_.

Needham, Alicia A. _Songs_.

Newcombe, Georgianne. _Songs_.

Newton, Mrs. Alex. _Piano_, _Songs_.

Norton, Mrs. Caroline. _Songs_.

Nunn, Elizabeth. _Ma.s.s_, _Songs_.

Ockleston, Kate. _Piano_, _Songs_.

Okey, Maggie. _Violin_, _Piano_.

Oldham, Emily. _Songs_.

O'Leary, Mrs. A. _Songs_.

Oliver, Mary. _Violin_, _Piano_.

Orger, Caroline. _Concerto_, _Trios_, _'Cello_, _Piano_, _Songs_.

Ostlere, May. _Dances_, _Songs_.

Parke, Maria H. _Concerto_, _Violin_, _Piano_, _Songs_.

Parkyns, Mrs. Beatrice. _Violin_, _Songs_.

Patterson, Annie W. _Cantatas_, _Songs_.

Patti, Adelina. _Songs_.

Philp, Elizabeth. _Songs_.

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