The Master of Mrs. Chilvers Part 26

GEOFFREY [He makes a gesture of despair.] You mothers! You're so greedy. [He holds out his hand, smiling.] Goodbye.

MRS. CHINN [She takes his hand in hers.] G.o.d bless you, sir. And your good lady.

GEOFFREY [As he takes her to the door.] How will you get home?

MRS. CHINN I can get the Underground from Gower Street, sir.

[They go out talking about last trains and leaving the door open.

The next moment the front door is heard to slam.]

[GEOFFREY re-enters.]

[ANNYS has moved round, so that coming back into the room he finds her there.]

GEOFFREY How long have you been in?

[He closes the door.]

ANNYS Only a few minutes--while you were at the telephone. I had to rest for a little while. Dr. Whitby brought me back in his motor.

GEOFFREY Was he down there?

ANNYS Phoebe had sent for him. I had been taken a little giddy earlier in the day.

GEOFFREY [He grunts. He is fighting with his tenderness.] Don't wonder at it. All this overwork and excitement.

ANNYS I'm afraid I've been hurting you.

GEOFFREY [Still growling.] Both been hurting each other, I expect.

ANNYS [She smiles.] It's so easy to hurt those that love us.

[She makes a little movement, feebly stretches out her arms to him.

Wondering, he comes across to her. She draws him down beside her, takes his arms and places them about her.] I want to feel that I belong to you. That you are strong. That I can rest upon you.

GEOFFREY [He cannot understand.] But only an hour ago--[He looks at her.] Have you, too, turned traitor to the Woman's Cause?

ANNYS [She answers smiling.] No. But woman, dear, is a much more complicated person than I thought her. It is only in this hour that G.o.d has revealed her to me. [She draws him closer.] I want you, dear--dear husband. Take care of us--both, won't you? I love you, I love you. I did not know how much.

GEOFFREY [He gathers her to him, kissing her, crooning over her.]

Oh, my dear, my dear! My little one, my love, my wife!

ANNYS [She is laughing, crying.] But, Geoffrey, dear -

[He tries to calm her.]

No, let me. I want to-- And then I'll be quite good, I promise-- It's only fair to warn you. When I'm strong and can think again, I shall still want the vote. I shall want it more than ever.

GEOFFREY [He answers with a happy laugh, holding her in his arms.]

ANNYS You will help us? Because it's right, dear, isn't it? He will be my child as well as yours. You will let me help you make the world better for our child--and for all the children--and for all the mothers--and for all the dear, kind men: you will, won't you?

GEOFFREY I thought you were drifting away from me: that strange voices were calling you away from life and motherhood. G.o.d has laughed at my fears. He has sent you back to me with His command.

We will fashion His world together, we two lovers, Man and Woman, joined together in all things. It is His will. His chains are the children's hands.

[Kneeling, he holds her in his arms.]


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