The Empty House and Other Ghost Stories Part 25

Blackwood keeps at his present level one or two very celebrated authors will have to look to their laurels."--_Daily Chronicle_.

"Even Edgar Allan Poe never suggested more skilfully an atmosphere of horror than does Mr. Blackwood in his t.i.tular story, or again in his description of 'The Willows.'"--F.G. BETTANY in the _Sunday Times_.

"Saying that Mr. Blackwood's latest stories reveal strong dramatic instinct is a dull way of expressing the series of thrills which their perusal causes. Without doubt Mr. Blackwood is designed to fill a high place as an author who is able to arouse the attention of his reader on the first page, and to hold it until the last has been turned. . . .

A distinctive genius."--_Pall Mall Gazette_.

"Full of imagination, and well told."--_Daily News_.

"Mr. Blackwood is clearly a master of the art of the genuine sensation story."--_Liverpool Courier_.

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