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Goblin Goblin Chapter 4

It was an especially cloudy that day, around 5-7a.m, normally, the roosters would act like alarm clocks, waking up everyone despite their wishes to sleep. However, that day, they seemed ‘dead’.

It was impossible that the village people had caught all the roosters, causing it to feel much stranger and weirder…

“ Ouch…. ”

The lady was awoken by a weird sound instead of the roosters’cry, a sound that came beside her.

Not only was there a foreign sound, there was also a weird smell coming from the corner of the room, causing the lady to look around.

And when she found the origin of that smell, she was shocked silent.

The sound was from a little child and the smell was from him. Within that one night, the child’s health became even worse than before.

Without further ado, the lady ran of the house with bare footed. Her destination was already decided; A clinic located at the centre of the village, there was a doctor who had been taking care of the children for years.

It would have merely taken just 5 minutes to walk slowly to the clinic, but on that day, the lady felt as though it she was running a distance of a few kilometres.

” … … ”

Upon reaching the clinic, she immediately knocked on the door. As that day was especially cloudy than usual, the sound of knocking spread through the village.

It did not go as well as she hoped. The clinic was closed as it was still early.

The lady didn’t not give up, and she kept knocking. However, it would not bring any desirable results, the lady knew that fact, but her heart hoped for another alternative.

Blood flowed and dripped on the floor, and as she was thinking about the worst scenarios possible, she thought of the day before things went wrong. The mountain that the man was pointing to; she did not wanted to go, but this was the only chance that she had. The lady started to walk into the mountain with her bleeding feet, without even knowing herself that she was in pain.

The mountain was located at the back of the village. There was only one reason why the lady came to that mountain.

There was a beautiful stone monster at the entrance of the mountain.

There was a myth of it, it said that if one prayed to that stone monster, their wish would come true. No one really believed that myth, but to the lady, it was her only a chance.

Upon seeing the stone monster, the lady kneeled down and started to pray as she cried.

“ Please I beg you…I don’t care if anything happens to me, just save my son please… “

And at the entrance of the mountain, a greenish-blue light was staring at the lady.

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