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Goblin Goblin Chapter 3

As the brigands had a great time, they heard rustling from the grass near den. Then, four men, who seemed very perilous, suddenly appeared in front of them. It did not take long untill they saw the four men’s faces that were illuminated by the fire’s glow.

The men were also part of the brigands’ party. As those who move around the forest would most likely either those of the brigand or goblins, some of the brigands took out their knives against them, while the others seemed unsurprised.

One of the brigands went to tear the meat he was holding and asked the biggest man of the four people.

“Brother, how is the harvest today? “

The man termed as ‘ Brother ‘, raised a bundle of money proudly to them. All the brigands looked at it in amazement happily, however, the assistant boss merely stared at the bundle.

The girl was a little unsatisfied and directly questioned man with wrinkled face.

“Excuse me, boss, but where did you get that money from? “

“It finally came. “

The man probably already knew that the girl was going to ask him this question and easily lied to her without any change in his expression or tone. However, it was impossible for him to hide his fear, causing sweat to drip down his face. However, the other brigands all assumed that the man was sweating due to the heat from the fire.

“Hahaha! We found out a old rich man lying on the floor, drunken completely, so we just brought it back. “

“ Nonetheless, brother doesn’t care whether he was a poor or rich! “

“Stupid, no that! It’s because the man is rich, so brother didn’t care! “

All the brigands just believed simply to what the man said, but the girl was not stupid. She already knew that the man was lying to her.

Who will bring money out drunk? It was as good as gone unless one had tools or were prepared to fight.

Her face was wrinkling but she did not say anything as she knew that if she kept questioning the man, it will not be good for her in the end. The girl sighed and trudged her way towards the corner. She was rather displeased, but she merely spoke one sentence and walked away.

“Then, I’ll go and rest. “

“Sure, children should sleep early. “

She did not care about the scornful laugh behind her and merely went to the corner, covering herself up with a blanket.

At the same time, not only the girl was upset, the woman was too. Luckily, the lady was able to return to the village and out of the forest. If it was over 9 to 10 o’clock, she might not have been able to find the way out of forest.

As the lady had reached her house, she then realized that she was squatting on the ground. As she reached home, she felt so relieved that her legs were like jelly. Perhaps it was an natural thing as she experienced something like that in the forest.

As she entered her house, she was unable to open the door and she then heard a boy’s voice.

“Mother, are you home?“

It was normal for a child to greet his mother, but his tone was unusual, unlike other children, it was weird.

She did not enter into the house, but merely answered him.

“Yes, did you wait for very long time? Wait awhile, I’ll bring food soon. “

“There’s no need mother, I just ate earlier. “

The child’s voice made it obvious that the he wanted mother to rest.

But in reality, it was impossible for a child, a sick child to eating by himself.

The mother seemed to understand and stepped into the kitchen. It was too late to have dinner, but it didn’t matter to her as the child was sick and didn’t even have a proper dinner.

Once she stepped into the kitchen, she felt cold, and only the fire welcomed her. She promised to bring food, but there was nothing in the kitchen to provide a meal. She looked around her and she found a pot. Inside the pot, were 3 uncooked potatoes inside a box. Without a choice, she brought those to her child.

As she open the door, a boy stood up and welcomed her with a smile. She peeled off the potato skin and fed the boy. The child could have complained about the unappetizing food but instead said that it tastes nice and never complained.

That could have been perhaps the child’s respect to his mother.

After eating, the child felt sleepy and lied on the floor. In a few minutes, the child went to sleep, and as the child slept, he made a sound, which made him seem like he was uncomfortable.

Seeing that sight, the woman felt sad. She tried to stop crying as she was scared that her child would wake up because of her.

Like this, the long night went on.

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