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Goblin Goblin Chapter 2

Goblin- Chapter 2

The girl was unable to find any traces of that man although she tried to rub her eyes. However, there was only a lady’s footprint and other footprints with different sizes connecting towards the forest inside. Other than these footsteps, it was very hard to find traces.

After thinking harder, she noticed multiple suspicious dots. When the girl slowly connected one fact to another, all the questions in her mind were seemingly extorted by something, and goosebumps appeared on her body.

The sky has turned dark, and if the girl was to stay here longer, the darkness would soon cause her to be unable to see a long distance in front of her as it will. Not sure if the girl was also concerned about that or just wanted to get out of the big forest, but she quickly returned to the village.

There was a nice barberque smell coming from the inside of the forest. The actual place was occupied with the brigands’ haunt, the brigands were tearing the skin off from the pigs’ skin and cooking it above the fire, after threaded into a stick.

It was difficult for the brigands to have a chance to look at the flesh meat, so only 7 to 8 people do crowded around, drink and chit-chat at the same time.

The problem was that they set fire in the forest was the most dangerous things they have ever done, which even the little children also know. Although the brigands made it for their dwelling place, it was still very dangerous that they shouln’t do.

But what the brigands, who were all adults, did there, just showed people that they did not have any basic knowledge; uneducated.

At that moment, a man perhaps too drunk or mad, spoke very loudly, giving away their location.

“I found out this pig and I went to…”

“You are too drunk! By the way, what happened next? “

It was quite in reality as the drunken man acts out how he hunted the pig, and the another man, who was listening to his story, perhaps a little bit curious of the next scene, urged the man to carry on his story.

“Hahaha! When the pig was running furiously to me, I rolled to the side and stabbed it’s body a few times and eventually it was dead! “

He claimed his success while telling the story with exggarated expressions. And the man right beside him merely laughed at him.

“Have you gone crazy?! I’m sure you who ran away from the pig while shouting for help, and it must be the assistant boss who caught it! “

Upon hearing those words, he stood up immediately. Perhaps he was angry with the man or maybe he was just too drunk, but his face was red with a rush of blood to his head. Then, he started to spit out insulting words towards him.

“What did you say?! I’m a coward? Do you want to see whose rank is higher? “

He went to take out his knife from inside of his waist trousers. The knife seemed more sharper than usual. The other man did not step back, but seemed to like this situation as a smile was seen on his face.

“Crap! Does the coward knows how to use the knife? Hahahaha! “ (PR: the innocent little panda used poop instead of crap, lol.)

As he spoke, he slowly stood up from his seat and also took out his knife. The two men were glaring at each other as if they were going to eat each otherup.Thesudden fight between the two men never made the people around to be surprised or shocked, but made them to be excited and agitated.

Even in that situation, nobody stood up and stoped them, but they just pretended to be like a dead fish, rolling their eyes here and there, looking at the two men’s fight.

There was a great tension in the fight, the sound of swallowing sa even swallowing of your saliva could be heard like a thunderstorm.

Although drunken man took out his knife, he was sweating in fear, and same goes to the other man.

Only one step, if the person step one more, he would be able to kill the opposite person and they both knew that. It was just a small little matter that they coud have just take it easily, but the men’s that self-esteem did not allowed that.

It happened when the man decided to put up his knife.

“Stop! “

The two men turned around upon hearing the lady’s sound from their back. And the aforementioned girl seemed to be like merely 17 years old. She had a neatly tied pony-tail hair with many scars on her face. Her eyes were very different from the other brigands. She had high spirits in her eyes compared to the dead fish eyes that the brigands had.

The girl was almost like their daughter as she very young, but she glaring at the brigands who were flustering at her stare.

The brigands were all surprised and immediately started to act innocent by shouting out loudly, trying to make excuses to the young little girl.

“Thi…thi…this is not a serious problem that you need to of know, boss. ”

What? That little girl is the boss! But it seemed like she was their real boss as all the brigands were in loss what to do subjected to her gaze.

“Haizz, if you already took out the knives, it should be a big problem. But, I not going to care about it as it happens often. ”

The girl said to the two men, folding her arms, informing them of her distaste of such situations. The man felt ashamed as he kept looking at the girl’s expression and sat down. He went to drink up the beer infront of him in one shot.

“Hu! “

Upon placing his drink on the floor, it was visible to see that there was nothing inside. He swallowed the cold beer along with his embarrassment. And he looked at the man who was in fight with him. It was like a lie as they were both looking to kill each other.

Then, a laughter came out of his mouth. The laughter made the others to be shocked but it slowly made them laugh together without any reason in particular. A smile is a something that can be influenced easily to the others anytime.

The girl said she don’t care, but after looking at the brigands’ face, she smiled slightly, not sure if she was relieved or was just influenced altogether by the atmosphere.

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