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Goblin Goblin Chapter 1

Chapter 1

It was during late evening, around 7-9 pm, when a woman with deep wrinkles with heavily breathing was running through the forest, as if chased by something. Just as expected, four perilous brigands were chasing after the woman. The brigands were each holding a sharp edged tool that reflected the moonlight.

Near the woman’s chest, there was an old heavy looking bundle was nestled in her arms. ” Ching! Ching! Ching! ” a weird sound originated from the woman’s bundle with every movement. The brigands must have been eyeing on the the things inside the bundle.

The woman wanted shout out for help, but despite her heavy breathing she was still unable to catch her breath. Despite that, the woman still ran on desperately. Biting her lips tightly as she ran desperately without looking back.

Do you remember that someone have said before? Something that can’t be planned as what you meant is life. Oh! Ya! Now is the exact correct timing that this phrase matches very accurately with it.

The woman, who was running, came out onto mountain road and slipt over the jagged edge of a stone with a loud scream. However, the woman did not even had time to feel the pain on her knee, instead she she quickly started to search for the bundle that has flown away when she slipped.

Maybe because of the weight of the bundle, it didn’t really fly too far away. The bundle was just near the woman, where she could catch it if she reach out her hand. The woman desperately reached for it, but a hairy hand which looked alike an animal’s, was a little bit faster than the woman. The woman’s eyes was filled despair, and her face as if the world crumbled in front of her.

“Wow, it’s quite heavy! ”

The brigands pulled up the bundle smiling evilly. One of them used a knife and slid open the bottom of the bundle. Brass coins that were joined with a string, dropped onto the ground with a ” Ching! ” sound.

After the brigand had found that it was a money, they threw the leftover bundle away, as if like throwing a rubbish, and they picked up all the brass coins into their hands. After awhile, the remaining brigands, who were slower, reached the place and jealously looked at the brass coins.

“Please return me the money back, ”

The woman pleaded them with a trembling voice. The brigands looked on with contempt and were all laughing among themselves at the woman.

“That money is for my son’s medical treatment. I’ll do whatever things your ask me to do, so please return me that money. ”

Her face was about to cry, but the brigand’s faces never did change. However, they were a bit different from the others. One of the brigands spoke worriedly.

“Brother, how? If this goes into Narae’s ears, then it will going to be chaotic again… ”

Due to the sudden change in behaviors of the brigands, the woman was dumbfounded. Just awhile ago, they were laughing at her, but now, they were like a chick that ate honey, not speaking.

After a while of silence, a bit hope appearing on the woman’s face. However, a deep voice broke the silence and along also the woman’s hopes.

“But, we still need to take the money. I’ll explain to hi,. ”

The head of the brigands said with a face of gloominess. Without caring about the woman, they just took their steps into the forest with the woman screamed loudly at the brigands behind them.

“Although you need to steal things, your shouldn’t steal that money! That money is for… ”

The woman’s speech didn’t continue and was smeared with her weeping. Nobody was there to hear her sound and it spread out over the silent forest.

As she was needed to go back to the village, she stood up from the place. Then, a man with a big figure body appeared, suddenly blocking her way.

The woman was so shocked that she was unable to scream and she just fell down on the spot immediately, looking at the strange man in daze. She thought that this man will be also one of the brigands and she didn’t unbind her admonition.

The man did not care about the woman’s behaviors and he slowly pointed at something. What the man was pointing was a mountain which was rumored that goblins or ghosts will come out from, because of that rumor, no one went near there. Even the mountain was named as the mountain with many omens.

The woman turned around but she didn’t see anything interesting in it.

“What’s wrong with that mountain? ”

Suddenly, she squinted her eyes with suspect. The man, who was just in front of her, had disappeared into thin air within that 2 seconds.

There was no sound, and he didn’t leave any marks as if he was never there.

That was just like the ghost will bewail.

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