Lay Morals Part 20

{107c} Wodrow, p. 59.

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{108b} Defoe's _History of the Church of Scotland_.

{151} 'This paper was written in collaboration with James Waiter Ferrier, and if reprinted this is to be stated, though his collaboration was to lie back in an easy-chair and laugh.'-[R.L.S., Oct.

25, 1894.]

{183} The ill.u.s.trator was, in fact, a lady, Miss Eunice Bagster, eldest daughter of the publisher, Samuel Bagster; except in the case of the cuts depicting the fight with Apollyon, which were designed by her brother, Mr. Jonathan Bagster. The edition was published in 1845. I am indebted for this information to the kindness of Mr. Robert Bagster, the present managing director of the firm.-[SIR SIDNEY COLVIN'S NOTE.]

{205} See a short essay of De Quincey's.

{206a} _Religio Medici_, Part ii.

{206b} _d.u.c.h.ess of Malfi_.

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