The Red Rat's Daughter Part 34

"But they are practically penniless," said Browne. Then, taking an envelope from his pocket, he handed it to MacAndrew. "If you can find an opportunity of delivering it, will you contrive to let them have this? There is something inside that will keep the wolf from the door, for a time at least."

MacAndrew looked at him a little curiously. He was about to say something, but he checked himself, and, stowing the envelope away in his pocket, held out his hand.

"You were not inclined to trust me when first we met; but I hope you are satisfied now that I have done my best for you."

"I am more than satisfied," replied Browne. "I am very grateful. I wish you would let me do something to help you in return."

"You _have_ helped me," MacAndrew answered. "You have helped me amazingly; more perhaps than you think. Now, good-bye, and may good luck and every happiness go with you."

"Good-bye," said Browne; and then the tall, graceful figure pa.s.sed along the deck in the direction of the main companion-ladder. A few moments later the sound of oars reached his ears; and when they could no longer be heard Browne went in search of Katherine and Jimmy Foote.

"Well, old man," asked the latter when the screw had begun to revolve once more, "what now? What is the next thing?"

"The next thing," Browne replied, seating himself beside Katherine as he spoke, and taking her hand, "is Yokohama, and a wedding, at which you shall a.s.sist in the capacity of best man."

That night the lovers stood on deck, leaning against the bulwarks watching the moon rise from behind a bank of cloud.

"Of what are you thinking, sweetheart?" Browne inquired, looking at the sweet face beside him. "I wonder if I could guess."

"I very much doubt it," she answered, with a sad little smile. "You had better try."

"You were thinking of a tiny land-locked harbour, surrounded by snow-capped mountains, were you not?"

"Yes," she replied; "I certainly was. I was thinking of our first meeting in Merok. Oh, Jack! Jack! how much has happened since then!"

"Yes," he continued slowly. "A great deal has happened; but at least there are two things for which we should be thankful."

"And what are they?"

"The first is that we are together, and the second is that you are not THE RED RAT'S DAUGHTER!"


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