Handbook of the Trees of New England Part 38

=Petal.= A division of the corolla.

=Petiole.= The stalk of a leaf.

=Petiolule.= The stalk of a leaflet in a compound leaf.

=Pistil.= The seed-bearing organ of the flower.

=Pistillate.= Provided with pistils; usually applied to flowers without stamens.

=Pollen.= The fertilizing grains contained in the anthers.

=p.u.b.erulent.= Minutely p.u.b.escent.

=p.u.b.escent.= Covered with short soft or downy hairs.

=Raceme.= A simple cl.u.s.ter of pediceled flowers upon a common axis.

=Rachis.= The main axis of a compound leaf, of a raceme or of a spike.

=Ramification.= Branching.

=Range.= The geographical extent and limits of a species.

=Reflexed.= Turned backward.

=Reticulated.= Netted; in the form of a network.

=Revolute.= Rolled backward from the margin or apex.

=Samara.= Key fruit; winged fruit, like that of the ash or maple.

=Scarf-bark.= The thin, outermost layer which often peels off.

=Segment.= One of the divisions into which a plane organ, such as a leaf, may be divided.

=Sepal.= A calyx leaf.

=Serrate.= With teeth inclining forward.

=Serrulate.= With small teeth inclining forward.

=Sessile.= Not stalked, as when the leaf blade or flower rests directly upon the twig.

=Simple leaf.= Not compound, having one blade not jointed with its stem.

=Sinuate.= Strongly wavy-margined.

=Sinus.= Interval between two lobes or divisions of a leaf; sometimes sharp-angular, sometimes rounded.

=Spatulate.= Gradually narrowed downward from a rounded summit.

=Spike.= A cl.u.s.ter of sessile or nearly sessile lateral flowers on an elongated axis.

=Spray.= The smaller branches and ultimate branchlets of a tree taken as a whole.

=Stamens.= The pollen-bearing organs of a flower, each stamen consisting of a filament (stem) and anther which contains the pollen.

=Staminate.= Having stamens.

=Sterile.= Variously applied: to flowers with stamens only; to stamens without anthers; to anthers without pollen; to ovaries not producing seed, etc.

=Stigma.= Part of pistil which receives the pollen.

=Stipels.= Appendages to a leaflet, a.n.a.logous to the stipules of a leaf.

=Stipules.= Appendages of a leaf, usually at the point of insertion.

=Striate.= Streaked, or very finely ridged lengthwise.

=Style.= Part of pistil uniting ovary with stigma; often wanting.

=Sucker.= A shoot of subterranean origin.

=Suture.= The line of union between parts which have grown together; most often used with reference to the line along which an ovary opens.

=Terete.= Cylindrical.

=Ternate.= In threes.

=Tomentose.= Densely p.u.b.escent or woolly.

=Truncate.= As if cut off at the end.

=Umbel.= An inflorescence in which the flower stems spring from the same point like the rays of an umbrella.

=Verticillate.= Arranged in a circle round an axis; whorled.

=Villose= or =villous.= With long, soft hairs.

=Whorl.= Arranged in a circle about an axis.

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